Hey everyone. So I just recently started experimenting with a raw food diet (and am new to this site). I’ve heard about this Blue-Green Algae powder you can add to drinks which is an excellent source of protein. Has anybody tried it or does anybody know anything more about it?


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    Hmmm I’m not sure that blue green algae has a lot of protein. I do know it has the B-12 vitamin, so that is a good thing. I believe the reason that you thought that the algae had protein because it is sometimes mixed with some kind of isolated protein, such as soy protein isolate. Though soy protein powder may be a good source of protein, it is highly processed and therefore is not a whole living food. If I may suggest buying some raw hemp protein powder. It is one of the powders which is not heavily processed like the others. If this interests you, then visit The powders come in three delicious flavors that are packed with protein.If you are still interested in learning about Spirulina (Blue-Green Algae) I put a link just below that might help.If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask. You can talk to me on here. Have a great day or night!!!!


  • I’ve only read about the positive effects so to read about the negative is a bit disconcering. Thank you for all the wonderful information, I will definitely check in on raw hemp protein powder. Do you know of any other good sources?

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    Yep! Bean sprouts, high consumption of leafy greens and of course soaked raw nuts and seeds. I personally am not completely raw because I eat tofu. If you are not looking to go 100%,tofu is a good source. Check this out as well

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