Excalibur wont work in Germany??

Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

I just called Excalibur and they told me that i wont be able to use there product in germany EVEN when using a transformer….I can buy a international unit but this one will only work in the country I pick it for, means if i pick Germany it wont do me any good when we get back to the States again. I can also buy a back panel (spelling??) for Germany which will cost me another 150 dollars?....what the heck!! I will be in the States till prob Sept/Oct and than Germany and back again after three years i guess. Has anyone heard of such thing or experienced it first hand using this dehydrator in a different country??? THANKS


  • It has to do with voltage. If you try to run a North American voltage unit with an adapter in Europe if will overheat the motor and heating element. Excalibur makes a model for Europe adapted to their voltage.

  • Why cant you use a continuous use voltage converter ? I personally think this will work.

  • I actually bought my dehydrator in Germany but am using it in Denmark. I think a travel converter will do just fine. You should be able to buy in at hardware store.

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    SEE..thats why I think, i will use a voltage converter..should not be a problem at all. I mean you can use everything on a converter..my husband used TV, PS2, and whatever else he brought to Germany back then. Thanks for your info, makes me feel better because i now ordered the excalibur anyway.

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