Help! Drowning in bananas

OK due to a FreshDirect error on my part I have two huge cases of organic bananas here! I need things to do with these bananas before they go bad. Right now they are on the unripe side of edible, green here and there, but it won’t be long and there’s no way I can eat enough of them normally before they go bad.

I do have a dehydrator and was thinking of making banana chips. Last time I did that on the 105-degree setting they came out kind of chewy and not as crispy as I was hoping.

What else can I do that requires a LOT of bananas? Ice cream? Suggestions needed! :)


  • FROZEN!!!!!!I blend them a bit and mush it all together in a bowl like ice cream.

  • I made banana nut bread. I don’t really measure if I’m making up my own recipe:

    ground almond mush (after making almond milk) sprouted buckwheat bananas (the more the sweeter and moist it will be) whole walnuts (crushed) vanilla – optional cinnamon lemon rind (1/2 tsp) – optional

    I mix everything up and just add more of something if you feel its lacking. It should be a thick batter or dough. I form patties (about 1” thick) into rectangle squares and dehydrate for about 12 hours and turn it over for another 3-4

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Ice Cream: PEEL THEM FIRST, then freeze them. Run through a champion juicer or in a food processor.

    And a new favorite of mine…

  • Slice them in half length ways and dehydrate them. They will be nice and chewy and delicious. The only reason banana chips from the store are crunchy is because they are coated in sugar and fried in oil. Yuck!

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