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YOU MUST LOOK UP THIS SITE. www.aromantic.co.uk

It sells all the natural base creams and thingys for making your own moisturisers etc., I was looking for something to get rid of the thread veins on my face and found the vitamin k creams were so expensive. So I thought I would look up recipes to make my own and came upon this site. There are no parabens or other nasties in them.


  • Nice site find but not every thing on there is natural. I would be selective in what you buy on there if you are really trying to stay raw and natural. Under the hair section and moisturizers they sell some chemical stuff like Propylene glycol and some of the colors ingredients are not natural. I don’t think any of the emulsifiers are natural at all – they are all chemicals (well they may have started out as more ‘natural’ products but when chemcially changed they are different). If you want to thicken something, try irish moss – they have a few natural thickeners on the site too (carrageen is the basically irish moss – unless it is a synthetic carrageen)

    Their herbs section looks nice – I wonder how they dry the herbs though if they do it themselves.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    queen fluff, I can’t wait till you have a site with all your know how about beauty on it, I wish you were with me when I go shopping for stuff like this and end up buying loads of stuff I end up never using coz I didn’t realise what the dodgy ingredients were!

    Irish Moss for thickening hair – genuis!

  • Hey Zoe – I have a book called “Home Sweet Home” by Debra Lynn Dodd. It really helped me learn about “bad” ingredients you want avoid. She has a website too. http://www.debraslist.com/

    In her book, she not only cover beauty products but stuff like home furnishing, cleaning products even beds! She explains about some of the ingredient names and what they really are and how they are created. She also mentions health problems they have been known to cause. It is quite a helpful book.

    It really started me lon ooking up ingredient names on huge buid-up of product bottles I had at one time. I started looking up all the “weird” names that I couldn’t pronounce and had no idea of what they were on the internet. I was amazed at how nasty alot of them are (alot are by-products of the petroleum industry). Before I started getting into that, I didn’t really question all the ingreidents like most people.

    One thing I did that might help you is when I saw a new product I wanted to try was to see if I could get the ingredients list online (instead of sitting there in the store and writing them down) and the ones I didn’t know what they were I would look them up each one. Eventually got to recognize them and knew to avoid them.

    Yes, another name for Irish Moss is carrageen – it used alot in shampoos and foods to thicken things – you won’t normally see it called Irish Moss though (it is good thing if you do though). I doubt that most of the products that contain it are really pure Irish Moss and really just a synthetic version.

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