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hi all, just wanted to find out if anyone here has had personal turnarounds in health after switching to (some percentage of) a raw food diet.

I myself have experienced the following:

1. 100% improvement in night vision (probably via flax seeds daily!)

2. major lift in mood (have had dysthemia in past, that’s mild depression)

3. Super-fast recovery from respiratory infections that used to knock me out for weeks: I came down with something that felt like strep throat recently. I had a fever and chills overnight. The next day, the fever was gone already and three days later my sore throat was gone too. In the past I would have suffered with this for weeks and had to get antibiotics.

And that’s all just from about 80% raw food diet. Some days I am 100%, but on average about 80%. It is pretty amazing how quickly that happened as well – it’s been about four months.


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    1- Never more than 1 or 2 periods per year since the age of 14. Now regular as clockwork every 28 days!!

    2- Used to wake up depressed, have to talk myself into getting up every day. Now I am in the best mood of the day right when I first wake up.

    3- Patches of eczema gone! dry skin gone! pimples i always, always had on my bottom and thighs now all gone! Cellulite gone!

    4 – Lack of confidence – Gone!

    Getting used to these changes and the new me has been a blast. I heard someone say that going raw was like reincarnating without dying, that is sooo true.

    5- I used to be an introvert, really wouldn’t describe myself as that any more.I am about 90% less self concious and shy as I used to be.

    6- ENERGY!!!Yes now I actually have some without getting it from coffee!

    7- Happiness, I really feel ridiculously happy, so much that I now believe I used to be depressed and never realised because I had always felt so low and miserable. It is like the light has been switched on and there is a warm glow in my head and my heart. I just can’t tell you enough how it has transformed my inner self, just raw food, it’s ability to sort out mental/emotional issues is incredible.

    8- Dark circles under my eyes – gone!

    9 – Body shape – completely changed, biggest change was after giving up coffee, went from very bloated with permanently pregnant belly to properly skinny in about 4 days, it was like someone let the air out of me! I had heavy thighs and hips from water retention due to coffee, now my body shape is more athletic not so much like a pear. I used to think we were borm with a certain body shape and there was no way out of it, haha!!

    10 – Lost 4 dress sizes initially, gained 2 back, now feel like weight and body shape have naturally levelled out at a healthy size.

    11- Can feel great after only a few hours sleep. Now I still LOVE me sleep, but the cool thing is that if I can’t get more than a couple of hours it is no big deal, I can still feel great and do everything I’d do if I had a full night’s sleep. Before I was raw I would feel sick and faint if I had less that 8 hours.

    I heard someone say that going raw was like Reincarnating without dying – that is SO true!

  • This is a good topic! Here are the changes I have noticed:

    1 – had numbness/tingling in my hands and feet that was concerning me and the doctors couldn’t quite figure out and that is much better/almost gone

    2 – used to get these really dry, gross patches around my hairline (maybe eczema?) – gone when i’m doing good. i can see them come back almost immediately if i eat processed sugar???

    3 – yeast infections/UTI’s all the time – now very rarely and gone when i up my probiotics intake

    4 – i don’t come home, lay on the couch and fall asleep before 8 pm!! used to do that all the time!! way more energy!!

    5 – working out is much better (due to increased energy)

    6 – IBS much better – rarely have symptoms now and usually only when i “fall off the wagon”

    7 – mental clarity. had that foggy feeling often before and that is gone!! (had it worse during detox but better now)

    i’m not even 100% and it’s been life changing for me for sure. people also comment that i just look better, seem clearer, etc. when i get away from raw, many of these symptoms come back rather quickly which just confirms for me that eating raw is what has helped me. i can do some other foods and am fine but i find white flour and sugar are my worst enemies. maybe i have some gluten intolerance too??

  • Oh, and how did I forget?? I have lost 10-15 lbs. and feel like I am at the ideal weight for me and I don’t feel like I’m starving myself at all!

  • sex drive came back with a vengeance…haha thank god for my poor bf

    my IBS is almost completely controlled now and I’m dropping like 2lbs a week.

  • jsorensens2jsorensens2 Raw Jr. Superstar

    Great idea to post this! This should be shared with newbies too. I’m a newbie – just crossed the 30 day mark. Here’s what I put in my personal diary after only 9 days raw:

    1. My Sjogren's disease symptoms of arthritis in my wrists and knees, dry mouth, dry eyes, dry throat has improved. My wrists are not bothering me at all my hands seem to only fall asleep now when I sleep in the wrong position. My dry eyes are less in need of eye drops I can do about 4 applications a day now, instead of 12. 2. Flossed without any tenderness or bleeding. 3. I don't feel like I need a nap as much in the middle of the day! That's a biggie! 4. My skin feels softer, as if it's more hydrated and I didn't used moisturizer. Breaking out now though - detoxing. 5. OK, here's the big one. For the last 18 years I have had pain in my left shoulder in the bursa area when I move my arm in a certain way. It's bursitis at a low level that has been with me for 18 years, after a really bad, bad bout of it that pretty much paralyzed my arm for a week in bad pain 18 years ago. For the first time today I moved my arm in the "wrong" way and didn't feel the sharp pain I normally would. It surprised me so much that I did it again, and again, and then I started swinging my left arm around like a wild monkey in every direction possible to test it. No pain whatsoever! Amazing after only 9 days of eating raw food - no more pain after 18 years of pain.

    That was day 9. Now at day 32 or so, all of the above continues (acne is lessened though!). My energy level is terrific, my mood (which has always been good) seems even lighter and happier, I need less sleep, I am losing weight and looking foward to getting down to my ideal weight in 12 weeks or so. My nasal passages are wide open and clear – I can breath through my nose while sleeping for the first time ever! It’s just all good.

    No downside whatsoever, healthwise!

  • jsorensens2jsorensens2 Raw Jr. Superstar

    Sorry – I cut and pasted and evidently the format messed up the forum posting. Oops!

  • Wow, you all just reminded me: clear nasal passages and a load of new hair growth on my hairline.

    I’m so amazed by the immediate results people see when they switch to a raw food diet.

    More miracles, please! :-)

  • I no longer have asthma. I used to wake up wheezing and had to use an inhaler to get through the night. I no longer take any medication. High blood pressure is gone. I don’t get colds now, I haven’t been sick since I went raw. I feel clear, light, energetic. I glow. Oh, and I’ve lost 61 pounds.

  • Well, I would characterize myself as high raw and transitioning… so I am still in the phases of detox etc. I was also very healthy when I started however, I feel SO much better than ever before raw. (except when experiencing detox stuff)

    The most exciting changes for me are the mental ones. I am way more patient and secure raw. It is the weirdest thing! Also, generally peaceful, happy and with more mental clarity. Every now and again a huge sense of wellbeing comes over me.

    I wonder if it isn’t partly due to the energy. Because on raw I have way more energy… and let’s face it working when I am tired makes me crabby. I don’t feel the need to take a nap when raw… and I wake up with energy instead of wanting to stay in bed all day.

    Also, I smell better and here’s a funny one… fart less! I bought some bad deoderant while on vacation where I had a 2 week break from rawness (probably down to like… gosh 30% – 40% or so) and yuck, I don’t remember smelling so nasty. On raw I don’t even really need deoderant.

    Better digestion… I have been 100% raw and then eaten a steak (i know… i felt pressured into it) and whoa that made me constipated and really crabby for the whole next day.

    As a person who was really healthy before raw I really feel the difference is that I am feeding my body instead of taxing it with bad stuff. I feel a really obvious difference in my body after a raw meal compared to a cooked one. Kind of like with the weather… when it is nasty outside you feel just kind of.. ugh.. (that is the body on cooked food) and a beautiful sunny day (raw food) when you are excited to go outside and play!

    I almost forgot. I lost 25 pounds! About 10 from going high vegan (I say high because I am not really 100% anything all the time yet… rarely I eat cheese or meat etc when someone else cooks it for me) and the rest from raw. But I gain some back immediatly if I eat cooked food. So I am hoping to be 100% someday and lose a few more. (maybe 10 more or so)

  • wow, I have heard the asthma thing a lot. that’s so interesting.

    I have noticed I have no smell anymore either, it’s great. ;-) no gas, no smelly poops, no BO. i’m a clean machine! LOL

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