hey everybody. I stumbled upon this website when i turned raw this past Sunday and i love all the support and info! Born and raised in L.A., I’ve been vegetarian, carnivorous, vegan, etc. but eating raw has been the best and most rewarding. I work in the film biz and i was tired of being overworked and exhausted all the time. I’m still overworked but my energy level is at its prime. And I’ve been raw for less than a week. I only imagine that my mind/body/spirit will be healthier as time goes on. Rockin the Raw and livin large! If there is anybody out there who works in the movie biz, just wonderin how you cope with catering and craft service. The long hours makes it hard to prepare food all the time and its not like i can take a juicer to work with me. What to do? what to do? Any suggestions?

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