Dehydration is still raw but

One of the most important nutrients that natural foods have is water. This includes seeds, nuts, even avocadoes. When these foods are dried even at low temperatures they lose most or all of this nutrient. Once dehydrated these foods are no longer whole foods as nature created them but they are lacking in nutrients one of which is water. When the water is gone the complete structure of the cells of the food change as a result. For those who are new to eating raw, using dehydrated food is good for the transition period but it is much better for health to eat whole raw foods as much as possible. If you get the urge to drink with or after your meal that means you are not eating the best food for your health. When we eat whole foods from nature there is sufficient water content in them (e.g. fruits and vegetables) to not give us the urge to drink after eating them. This natural water is the purest and best water that we can put in our body.


  • great news for those of us who can’t afford a dehyrator :)

  • SocaL: Do you eat sun-dried tomato or sun-dried fruit at all?

  • hungry girl, if that is your dog I hope it’s growing up on BARF (biologically appropriate raw food). Actually I never eat sun dried tomatoes. Once in a while I will buy organic raisins from the farmer’s market which were sun dried and dates which are not really dry but less water filled than other fruit. I never drink water except when I work out at the gym, if they allowed me to bring fruits to the gym I wouldn’t drink anything ever.

  • SocaL, Toby is on BARF, in fact he has been a raw diet way before I did. I started him on that when he was 9 months and he just turned 5 yo. I should’ve started with him if I had known about raw food for human.

    SocaL, I’m interested to know what you eat on a regular day. Your diet seems so different…no garlic, no onion, no dehydrated food, what else don’t you eat?

  • It’s nearly the diet from the 80/10/10 Diet book. There is a thread on it called 8/1/1 (it’s also known as the 811 diet). 80% of your calories come from carbs, 10% from protein and 10% from fat. Simple, easy, and very delicious. Human milk is only 5-6% protein, adults probably do not need to eat more than 10% if babies who are growing like weeds only need 6%. What do you think? The rest is obviously going to be removed by your already over worked liver and kidneys. Protein is always broken down into amino acids and re-assembled back into the proteins your body needs. It is a very energy draining process, energy that you do not have because foods with lots of protein usually do not contain much carbs (carbs are used directly as energy when they are fruit carbs or fruit sugars) . Raw or not protein must go through this cycle when it is digested.

    Good on ya for feeding your pooch BARF!! I felt so bad when I heard my brother’s dog needed to be euthanized at only 4 years old with cancer. I have known about raw human diet for more than 5 years but never put 2 and 2 together and considered it for pets.

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