Mushroom alternative ...

Hi, ever since going raw I haven’t felt the urge to purchase mushrooms. I only eat them when eating gourmet raw food. What do you all think would be a great mushroom substitute?


  • Why don’t you want to continue eating mushies? Alternatives are..tempeh, egg plant ,asparagus.bell peppers amd zucchini. You can go to Cooks Thesaurus for any altermative food under the sun.

  • KarmyngirlKarmyngirl Raw Newbie

    I don’t know why. Whenever I’m food shopping and I look at them, I have no desire to buy them! When I used to eat a cooked vegan or when I ate the SAD diet, I ate them all the time. Now they just … oh I can’t explain it! It’s bizarre. I never cared much for tempeh or eggplant. I still eat asparagus (LOVE IT) and zucchini, though. Maybe I could make a nut pate and use that as a mushroom substitute.

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