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I’ve read differing ideas about the importance of properly combining food. I’m considering buying Alissa Cohen’s book Living on Live Food. The only criticism of the book I have found in reviews (besides the fact that one could use it for bench-pressing) is that her recipes do not adhere to food combining guidelines.

What advice/input do you all have? Thanks.


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i tried food combining for a few months. i was doing it for a while and realized that YES i was being a very good food combiner. but i didn’t feel any better.

    as long you are eating raw foods and not too much, i say food combining is not all that important.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I ignored food combining completely and transitioned just fine. Now as I been 100% for over 3 years what I eat seems to adhere to the rules of food combining, but this is just through eating intuitively, it happens naturally as you progress and detox, and your body’s natural instincts wake up after being suppressed by years of SAD food.

    Some people have physical problems which mean that it is appropriate for them to take care of food combining, because they may have digestion problems, like people who have had surgery for instance…but why worry if you feel great eating whatever raw food you want?

    I think enjoying food as much as possible is the Number 1 rule for being a raw fooder. If you do food combining you have to transition without eating any nuts and fruit together so that means no pies or cakes, no creamy salad dressings…etc…its a big leap from any cooked diet…

  • Zoe – I LOVE your new picture!!! Beautiful!

    As far as food combining, before I went raw I first tried practicing proper food combining. I tell you, eating 100% raw was easier for me than trying to properly food combine!

    Now I think I have found a good balance that works for me…. I usually stick with fruit in the morning/green smoothies, but I sometimes combine sweet and acid fruits in my smoothies ( a no-no). And I do try to not combine melons. For salads at lunch/dinner I will sometimes add nuts and fats to my greens, such as raw pine nuts or avocado on a salad or a dressing with tahini- which is a “poor” combination, nuts OR fats is ok, but both shouldn’t be together.

    When I really lose the whole food combining thing is when I try to prepare more complex recipes and desserts. A lot of dessert recipes combine fruits and nuts, which is a “poor” combination, and raw bread or cracker recipes often combine grains and nuts.

    Here is a chart that might help….

  • mewmewmintmewmewmint Raw Newbie

    I’ve done some research on this myself.

    If it’s too sour, add something sweet. If it’s too sweet, add something sour. If it’s bitter, add salt. If it’s salty, add oil.

  • You made me laugh mewmewmint…nice

    Our friend Vasily came from New York City to visit last week….he is a fulltime yoga teacher and a guru of sorts to his various students. He says he finds food digests much faster and cleaner if properly combined, and that he can’t ‘breathe’ in the mornings after a big improperly combined meal. He is almost 60 and his body looks like a 17 year old, so he must be doing something right.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Everyone is different – find what works. mewmewmint has a good plan :) Victoria Boutenko and her family healed their health problems by eating “any amount and combination” of foods, as long as it was all raw (“Raw Family” book by Victoria Boutenko). I personally love nuts and oils together in my salads, except when I don’t, but I can’t handle greens and fruit together (NO green smoothies for me – of course, I’m open to the idea that that could change tomorrow). There are other people who are healthy and never worry about “proper” food combining.

  • I would like to look into a book like that Raw Family one because I think that could be easier for my fiance. Also mewmemint that’s very true with balance flavor taste testing and see what fits with you.

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