My ear.

So, I had my ears pierced and stretched. Everything was fine for a few months then there was a bubble blister thing that has gone away. Now though, I have a little calcium ball inside my earlobe which will make repiercing harder. anyone have an experience with calcium deposits?


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    My mom once had a calcium deposit in her elbow. She accidentally whacked her elbow one day and then it went away. Maybe you could just hit it with a hammer and see if that breaks it up? ;) HAHAHA Sorry, no other advice for now. :)

  • um…. that’s really cool….but I’m not ready to take a hammer to my ear!! lol

  • here’s a little info I found. don’t know if the same techniques will work on the fleshy bit of the ear but it’s worth a try!

    Alternative and Herbal remedies:

  • O.O wow! thank you! that’s a lot more info than I had! thankfully it doesn’t hurt at all, it’s kinda just in the wa. so some of these tips may work!

  • i know a guy who gets calcium deposits, and he has to avoid foods with lots of calcium!

    i don’t have much info for you other than that, sorry.

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    I had also heard taking calcium supplements helps to get rid of calcium deposits, bone spurs, and kidney stones (doctors will tell you the opposite – to avoid the calcium, but I have talked to people for whom the calcium supplements worked).

  • Are you sure you don’t have a keloid scar? I myself have triple 000 gauged ears and after my last stretching I got a keloid scar – mine looked like a small bubble. Others I have seen on forced piercings from something like a 14g to a 10 have the appearance of a large bubble. This risk is always a factor for gauging ear lobes. I have had my small keloid scar removed by a plastic surgeon, also can be done by a dermatologist for a few hundred dollars. As far as I know from speaking with my homeopathic physician and actual surgeons – surgery is the only route to remove such a thing. I’ve never in my work with piercings heard of calcium deposits. You may want to visit a dermatologist. Good luck =) let me know what you find out.

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