Tomato Juice

I was looking for recipies for vegetable juices with tomatos and noticed there are none. Any reason why?

Should I not mix tomatos with other vegies?


  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I think they just don’t work well in most juicers. Gabriel Cousens gives his clients green veggie juices, sometimes with tomato, and I have tried them that way. It was good.

  • Ok ty. I wonder if mine will work. Will try.

  • First of all, wegies and tomatoes sound like fun, but it may leave a stain on your pants :) I like a “bloody Mary” on occasion, with 2 medium very ripe de-seeded tomatoes, the juice from 2 celery sticks, juiced from a few slices of red bell pepper, juice of half a lemon/lime, bit of parsley, pinch of cayenne pepper and a bit o’ salt. I blend it all, then taste to see what else I should add, like black pepper or other things. Juicing the tomatoes works if they are very firm, BUT just blending them is easier.

  • LOL so funny I was fixing it while you were typing. LOL too funny. Do you use a juicer or a blender.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I have a juicer that juices soft and hard veggies well, so I like to use that and skip the pulp. If you want the fiber, you can just blend. Or, you can blend and then strain through a nutmilk bag or sprout bag to get rid of the pulp. Whatever works for you and your equipment. This is making me want some veggie juice. :)

  • OK gr8 TY all. I have a really old juicer,well my fiancee does but I think he still has the manual so I’ll read through it. If not I’ll strain it. Gr8 advice all ty.

  • I use a juicer and a blender, depending on what kind of texture I want. For the bloody mary, I use the juicer for the celery and bell pepper, then blend the rest in either my magic bullet(My GODSEND) or the blender.

  • for my tomato juice and tomato paste, i do use tomato juicer and also do use blender sometimes. but for a better texture use tomato juicer but always depends on you on what do you like.

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