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Ok so I know that health isn’t some magical “number” that I should be striving for but I’ve been the fat/over weight/chunky/plus-sized girl for far too long now and while it’s slowly coming off (the weight that is) all I can think about is how much I want to be thin enough to walk into ANY store and fit into the clothes. For a long time I thought that a size 10 would be a great size for me, I’m 5’2”. However I’ve stopped measuring by a scale since a) most don’t go high enough for me and b) they can be deceiving… I simply take my measurements instead. I have no clue what an average size 10’s measurements would be so if there are any size 10s out there that would mind sharing their measurements with me so I have a “target” area to work towards? Or maybe someone knows better than I and can give me advice as to where a healthy size for me is? Maybe I’m unrealistic? Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Thanks! K-Mom


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I can’t provide average measurements … but I wanted to wish you all the best luck and encouragement! It sounds like plenty of folks have dropped weight on a raw diet… especially when they ate lots of leafy greens, vegetables, fruit and less nuts. : )

  • Here is a link that should help you. Best of luck!….27s_sizes

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I think a good way to find your target is to have your body fat measured. I am constantly discouraged by the scale. I am 5’3” wear a size 4 (pants) and weigh 155 lbs!!! I always wanted the scale to read 120. I started working with a trainer and had my body fat measured (20% is ideal.) Mine is pretty close. I do alot of strength training so sometimes I lose body fat, but don’t lose pounds as I put on muscle. I find it gratifying to see lost fat.

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