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Personally I think that getting active is vital for raw vegans but it seems that fitness is the last thing that people want to do, why is that?

Does getting fit intimidate you?

Why does it intimidate you?

Does your self esteem stop you from staying consistant?

What stops from making a positive change in your life?

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  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I LOVE being active! I either run, or use my eliptical (depending on weather) for 1 hour every day and do light toning during the week. On weekends, my family usually gets at least one hike in. My body feels so alive! Also, I get grumpy if I miss my exercise!

  • For me – it is because I get busy with something else and put it off. And there are a few other factors too. Even though I have a gym membership- I hate going there – the atmosphere(too crowded and noisy, not relaxing).

    It has a lot to do with the weather too – I would rather get my exercise outside while doing something fun – swimming, hiking but it is not always nice enough outside to do it. Even when it is nice if I can’t get to a place to swim, going for a run or a walk outside – having to deal with all the cars and people – ugh, can’t stand it. I want it to be relaxing and that makes it un-relaxing.

    Getting fit doesn’t intimidate me or have anything to do with my self-esteem – it is other things surrounding it that that do.

    I am wanting to get into a yoga routinue that I can do at home – so I can not have to go anywhere and don’t have to worry about the weather or cars and other people. But I have little free space so I have to work on that.

  • I love to run! I’m training for a half marathon now and I’m doing my eight mile long run today~ next week is my 10 miler.

  • I started running a year and a half ago. I was up to 5-6 days a week, but with knee pain from severely flat feet (no matter what shoes I wear) I had to cut down to 2-3 days a week with some Yoga and weights. I’m 28 and don’t want to have knee surgery anytime soon. I’m trying to find another form of cardio that wont kill me. I am naturally very muscular (genetic) and it feels like running is just too hard on my body to do it all the time. I’m going to get my bike fixed to use on my bike trainer at home (don’t want to get run over by cars).

    What stops me sometimes is having a full time job and not having the energy to do all the things I need to do once I get home let alone exercise.

    I dont think self-esteem stops me, I just feel worn out. Now that I’m detoxing, even a Yoga class is more than enough for me right now.

  • Priceless OnePriceless One Raw Newbie

    I am not intimidated I am just super busy. I am homeschooling 4 kids, building a house with my hubby (literally building it ourselves), involved in church activities. Life is just crazy. I am working hard toward my blackbelt in tae kwon do and I do a stretching video 3 times a week. As I get closer to my final belts I am going to start running and when our house is liveable I will begin working out on a heavy bag.

    So, certainly not a lack of self esteem just a busy life. And of course, Mom comes last when it comes to most activities.

  • I think fitness is vital. Fruitarian One….dude, I love your vids and was sooooo happy the day I found them on Youtube! I love my greens too much to go all out fruit, but hiking, yoga, floor work and using my body as weight to get in shape is something I truly enjoy, plus I have soooo much energy being a raw vegan….

  • I love my treadmill.I walk every day for 45 mins or 1 hour. I also do yoga stretching and pilates.I believe that to be healthy is very important and not only the diet,but also the lifestyle and exercise.

  • R u kidding i am the queen of workouts. If im not doing my own training at home (we have a home gym) i have been teaching kick boxing class. I boxed for the university of kentucky and have a black belt in martial arts. If anything beginning by eating healthy should only inspire you to be active and healthy all over

  • I started really working out again yesterday starting with a 30 minute run (hills). I didn’t do much during my heavy detox phase except for my Hatha Yoga classes.

    Today, I got back into weights and strength training and I must say, I am much stronger and flexible now than I was before starting raw. I did 2x as much (especially push ups) as normal.

    Also I was never able to touch my toes pre raw, but within 2 weeks of going raw I can!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Due to my daily Bikrams and the raw food I have got tons more energy, so I’m going to get a rebounder off ebay and get rid of some whilst firming everything up a bit.

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