Any advice for the new girl?

I am new to the site (see post in introductions). I must change my eating style and habits immediately!! I’ve never tried eating raw foods only. I plan on starting monday. I’m sure it’s something that should be eased into but I am one of those people who just jump in head first.

I would absolutely appreciate any advice!! I don’t know very much thats for sure. Also, I LOVE smoothies but have never tried making them before. If you have any recipes that you love please let me know.

Thanks for your help!


  • there are loads of recipes on this site. plus it’s fun to just experiment and find the flavors you love!

  • Congrats on the decision to eat healthy! Our family has been doing it for only 2 weeks now. We set a date for ourselves and then dove in head first. We chose not to ease into it. We even got rid of our stove! We feel great. We haven’t experienced any ill side effects from our radical change. Our 2 kids love it, we love it. I admit it was radical getting rid of our stove, but it will be hard to go back now and that is why we did it, to totally commit ourselves to our health. I threw out all processed foods and we bought a processor, mandolin and spiral slicer. We couldn’t live without the spiral slicer. I bought mine new on ebay for $8! The kids love the zucchini noodles we make out of it. Can’t wait to get a dehydrator. Just keep it simple at first and ease into the tougher stuff. This site has a lot of wonderful recipes on it! Good luck!

  • Wow!! Throwing out the stove means serious commitment!! Good for you!! Thanks to both of you for the advice. I am really excited though I must admit that it all seems a bit overwhelming. A lot of the recipes call for ingredients that I have never even heard of!!! I will just start with the simple stuff and hopefully start learning more from there.

  • yes, make smoothies. i recommend getting a nut milk bag, so you can use nut milk in your smoothies. if you don’t have a nutmilk mag, macadamias, cashews and hempseeds all blend pretty well without needing to be strained. blend with bananas and frozen berries. YUM.

    also find a salad dressing that appeals to you and make big salads. then eat nuts and fruit to fill you up. but getting your greens is key to making you feel amazing.

    you can do it!

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Learn some basic entrees, and keep adding to your repertoire. This will keep you engaged on your raw food path.

    Here are a couple of my favs, copied as pasted from the The AVOCADO topic:

    I love the Chocolate Milkshake recipe on this website. I add cashews, 1/4 of a vanilla bean, and a sprinkle of Himalayan Crystal Salt, and I

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