Acne and medication

Several years ago, after the birth of my daughter I started to get crazy acne as well as really unstable emotions, anxiety. I attributed all this to post-pregnancy hormones that weren’t stabilizing for whatever reason. So I went on the pill, which took care of everything but the acne. I’m an actress, I can’t go to an audition looking this a zitface – so I saw a dermatologist about a year ago and she put me on Klaron and Retin A Micro. I hated the soreness and peeling and sensitivity from the Retin A, but I loved that my acne was gone and makeup artists would constantly comment on my beautiful skin.

Then I went raw and decided to try and go off the meds. I dropped the Klaron first, which was asy because I never noticed any result. Then, when my prescription ran out of Retin A I went off that. The red, sore sensitivity went away, but the acne never came back. However, I went off the pill about a month ago and YIKES! I’m a big old zitface again!! I realize my face has a TON of detoxing to do, so I’m trying to keep positive about it. But yuck! I’m using olive oil to clean, coconut butter to moisturize and I don’t wear make-up, other than the occasional mascara or lip glass (haven’t found natural alternatives for those yet). I’m also skin brushing my face daily and using only natural soaps in the shower. I’ve even cut down my shampooing to twice a week. I’ve been using fresh cut aloe on the really bad buggers.

So my question is this: how long is this going to last? Is there anything I can add to my diet to speed up the face detox?


  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Try to dab “Tea Tree Oil” on those bad boys!!! I would think a month or two might end your break outs… I’m sure someone else has more experience then me…

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