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Just getting my feet wet:) Chia Seed??

Just bought some chia seeds and was wondering how much water to soak the in anyone have any advise?? Thank you Also I find cashews to be hard on the digestive tract are macadamian nut or sunflower seeds any better? What is a lighter nut that is easy to digest? Also is there a bottles water that is better for you??


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Hi Misty! Here’s my two cents – take it with a grain of salt, as I’m new to raw also, and folks have various opinions on this subject. Seeds are generally easier to digest. Cashews almost always aren’t raw – that could be why they’re hard to digest. It’s cause they have a poisonous shell, so they’re always sold with the shell removed – meaning that they’re superheated to remove the shell. It could be possible to buy em raw online. Probably any water that’s free of fluoride and chlorine is good. Try to see if the stores sell places where you can refill your own bottles – instead of using 1 use bottles and creating waste. check out the chia pudding recipe on goneraw, ive never used em.

    OOH, and to digest truly raw nuts better, soak em for several hours – that’ll remove the enzyme inhibitors, so you can digest em.

  • Thank you so much for your help!! That makes sense to soak them first I missed that step. On the cashew’s I will prob just cut them out..I will check out the recipe Thank you

  • Combine 1/3 cup of chia seeds with 2 cups of water and put in a sealed container. Shake container. Shake again after 10-15 minutes and then again in another 10 minutes. This prevents clumping. Store in refrigerator.

    After making the gel a few times, I no longer measure. If the gel is too liquidy I add more seeds, being sure to shake again. If it is too thick I add more water.

    You can use the resulting gel in smoothies, salad dressings, puddings, etc. I use about 3 tablespoons of the gel in my smoothies. I don’t have a recipe for salad dressing, but I pour some of the gel on my salad along with lemon juice and a little hemp oil and it gives it a thickness/creaminess.

    Be sure that you don’t use the soak water from nuts and seeds. Rinse the nuts or seeds after soaking.

    Hope this helps.

  • mistys1979, Google chia seed recipes and research the info.. I did this 6 months ago and now can’t remember the site where there were a ton of recipes for egg replacer, jams, jellies and many more that have left my memory at this time… Check also for just chia seed, it may have been on one of the sites that sells the seed… If you have a juice that you enjoy, by adding chia seed and letting is steep, you will have a pudding… I have water info on my profile inside one of my recipes on the comments section, check it out… (Major Antioxidant breakfast)

  • Thank you all for the good advise!! What do you eat on a daily basis what is everyones routine? I start with Green lemonade then mid morning I have a bannana I have a hard time with wheat and gluten so I have been usuing a brn rice bread sweetened with fruit I know is not raw it comes frozen I usually have 1 slice with half avo on top with a yummy salad for lunch about 4pm I have a lara bar or more fruit and ever since I added the nut’s my tum has felt bloated and heavy I bought som raw mixed nut from staff of life which doesnt sit well with me and i bought some beanless hummus from La Vie that has really made me feel uncomfortable? So do you focus more on the fruits and veggies and steer clear from all of the yummy snacks? i’m training for a marathon and need to make sure I keep my energy level high lovin the advise could use some more:) I have been reading the Raw food diet detox by Natalie Rose I’m open to some more reading material Thank you!!!

  • mistys1979- i blog what eat everyday at http://heartshapedsky.vox.com/ . i found after giving myself some time that i now digest nuts much better, no more bloating. i’ve been raw for about 2 months. i did 2 weeks transition, 4 weeks 100%, and now a week and a half incorporating cooked vegan foods here and there. i think i’m going to go back to 100% because that’s when i felt best. i read your profile and i’m also training for a marathon, good luck to you!! this is a great site!

  • mistys,

    You don’t need to use your feet to prepare chia. They shouldn’t get wet. :-))

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Hey mistys1979 – I don’t pre-soak the chia seeds – i put a scoop in my cacao smoothie and blend it in the Vitamix (about 1 1/2 c water or I use medicinal tea I brew). It will thicken as it sits. I also throw some into the recipe for Brazilian gRAWnola on this site instead of hemp seed and grind it up in the food processor. Just make sure to drink lots of fluid with it.

  • greenie- you are funny!

  • yes, I avoid nuts like the plague now. I used to be addicted to peanut butter (like every runner in the world it seems) but since I’ve been raw I’ve finally been able to identify that nuts do NOT work with my stomach…I ate a bunch of cashew butter the other day because I was just really hungry, and I was messed up for about the next 24 hours. yuck. I stick to oils and avocados to get my fat in.

  • Greenie!! Very funny:) Thanks for the tip:)

  • Today I Rocked tha Santa Cruz Half Marathon Thank’s to my raw food diet did really good felt strong I mixed the Chia seed with a morning shake!! Thank’s for all the info!!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    LizK- when nuts are RAW and soaked/spouted they are a LOT easier to digest. i’m assuming your cashew butter was probably neither, so it might not be nuts in general. though i agree that they are still harder to digest than seeds.

    mistys1979— YAY! congrats!

  • thaht is probably true…though I haven’t seen any truly raw nuts/nut butters in stores around here, I have a feeling it would cost me less to just give them up for a while anyway, haha

  • Thanks for all the info!! So question is any one around here taking any protein supps?? I keep getting the question what are you doing for protein I say well it is in alot of the nuts and veggies should I be concerned?

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