Protein shakes?

I know they are not raw, but i need something to help me transition. I crave my protein. I used to work out alot, and still do, so my body screams for it. It doesnt have to be much, like this week i “tasted” of a baked salmon fillet all week. I think protein shakes would help me. Any suggestions or other ideas


  • I’m guessing that when you say protien your meaning from cooked sources? But what do you mean you crave protien?

    If you really craved nutrition/protien wouldn’t you be craving fresh produce too since the building blockes of protien is amino acids…

    Personaly I just think your craving heavy cooked foods!

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Broccoli and Spinach have twice the protein of beef. (the highest protein meat) Many plant foods contain more protein than meat.

    If you want a shake that will stop your cravings then toss the following items into your blender. 3.5 oz. Kale, 8 Dates, 1 Banana, 16 ounces of Orange Juice and a tiny pinch of salt.

  • PamPam

    Hi. You might try the Brandon Brazier protein shake recipe that’s on this forum. Search for Brandon as I’m not sure I spelled his last name correctly. ;o) Also, I have found that a tablespoon of hemp seed added to my smoothies helps me. I work out a lot and I sometimes feel a little tapped out, too. Hemp seed gives me 5 grams. Good luck!

  • No, fruitarianone, the idea of heavy cooked foods make me sick to my stomach.I felt satisfied doing the vegan eat alot of nuts thing. However this made me feel bloated after a while. Thank you all for the protein shake ideas. I think part of my problem is living on college campus, i love kale and spinach..i guess i just need to up my intake. thank you so much for your information.

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