Almond milk??

I’ve never tried and im scared to lol…I used to love milk…but I want to eat cereal again (going to buy lydias organic cereal) and try…how does it taste (almond milk)?


  • Hey, It’s delicious. Just do it. You’ll like it.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    I find that I cannot tolerate plain almond milk. I need to add some sweetener. Also, I do mix the soaked almonds with soaked brazil nuts and there is no almond flavor. Just pure, creamy goodness!! Oh my!! Yes, definately, go for it!! Just keep in mind that you need a nut milk bag.

  • I don’t use a nut milk bag, and don’t have a vita-mix. I grind my nuts in a coffee grinder then throw them in the blender with water. Sometimes a drop or two of vanilla to even the taste, not enough to actually make it Vanilla flavoured.

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