Freshly raw in London

Hello there, I’m 2 weeks into my raw journey and have been feeling fantastic, besides for the past few days having diarrhoea which I attribute to part of the detox process. I’m having a hard time sourcing good raw products here in London, and also finding websites selling bulk raw nuts and seeds at decent prices.. Anyone have any tips? Much appreciated!


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi Lush, Great to meet you here. Love to see us UK rawies cropping up everywhere:)

    I get my nuts and seeds at either evil Tescos, or our local organic co-op, Unicorn in Manchester. I only use really raw nuts which are: pine nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and non USA almonds. Further info on whats raw and what’s not is here, the website my husband and I run:

    You can buy in bulk from Suma they have a minumum order amount, but as you live in London I am sure they would do you a delivery. They are a truly fabulous company, a workers co-op. I find that Funky Raw does the best deals on cacao and maca and stuff like that. Half the price of everyone else, dunno how he does it!!

    Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern shops are great for fresh dates, fruit, unusual exotic ingredients, and young coconuts. I hope that helps!

  • Hi! I am in London as well. I do admit to buying nuts at Holland and Barrett and sometimes at Waitrose. I am not sure if they are raw looking at what Zoe just put up…For raw online check out detox your world and the fresh network both are UK based and have lots of great raw goods! Plus if youw ant to meet up and go or a rawluck sometime let me know!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Welcome lush! I live in the US, so I can’t help. Glad that zoe helped you out with information. The health problems you mentioned sound like many people’s detox experience. Nourish your body with plenty of green juice or green smoothies, lots of fiber and fresh greens/fruits/veg.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    forgot to mention that Debbie Took’s yahoo group Raw Food UK meet up in London regularily there are a few London rawies on there:

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