Can you eat too much?

Hi, everyone!

Today is my second 100 percent raw day. I’m not at all worried about falling off the raw wagon, surprisingly. I am ready for this change and it feels right and good.

My big question is: Can you eat too much on a raw diet? I am ravenous today. It’s only 10:30 a.m. and I have already had two smoothies (one green, one banana) and a handful of grapes and a few big dates. And I’m still hungry! I know it will take time for my body to adjust. I don’t have any weight to lose (well, I guess I could stand to loose 5 perhaps, maybe 10 at the most), so I’m not on the raw diet as a weight loss thing, just as a health and ethics thing.

So, can I eat too much? Should I not give in when I feel hungry? I’m just not sure how to approach this change.

Thanks so much for any input. Birdie


  • Hello Birdie and welcome to the raw world =) Well, eating “too much” doesnt exist in the raw world hehehe unless you eat 5 avocados, 3 coconuts and a whole package of nuts, and still you wont gain much fat =) It all depends on your eating habits. Before starting with this raw-nism (I like how it sounds xD) you where a vegetarian or a vegan? There is no problem if you eat a lot and you feel good, that is what it matters in my opinion. I can only eat twice a day because Im used to eat like that, but I eat a lot because I know my body needs all nutrients. Hope this helps a bit ^^

  • Thanks, Allantgy, for the kind words. After I wrote my post, I realized I was starting to feel full, ha ha! I guess my body is adjusting to the new regimen. I was a vegan before I started, so I have made some of the transition years ago. I ate a lot of cooked grains, though, so this is still a huge adjustment.

    I will just keep eating when my body says to eat and won’t worry. I’m grateful for your response.


  • You are gonna be fine, the persons that suffers the most are those who made the transition from non-vegetarian regime to raw. Dont worry much about sprouting grains, I dont eat them because I dont like them and Im fine =) Even when I cooked…i ate them just once =P Good Luck!

  • green girlgreen girl Raw Newbie

    I also was wondering this. I cannot stand to lose any more weight. The weight has been falling off of me since I went raw a few months ago. I started with a 15 day Master Cleanse after New Year’s and didn’t lose much. Since the cleanse, I have been 99% raw. I am hoping my weight will stabilize now. I eat about three handfuls of nuts a day and one to two avocados because I feel like if I didn’t I would be way too thin. It is nice to be able to eat whatever I want whenever I want though! My 1% non-raw is sushi once a month..I just crave it!

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    yes, you absolutely can eat too much on a raw diet. i ate too much (of completely raw food) yesterday and feel awful today.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    It’s easy to eat too few calories from fruits and veggies in the living foods lifestyle, too many from fat. I find it preferable to eat plenty of fruit, veg, and TONS of greens. I limit nuts (1/2 cup per day) and cold pressed olive oils (2 Tbsp/day), 1/2 avocado per day. I recommend checking your calorie intake at a calorie counting website, and break down your calories into greens,veg,fruit vs. nuts/avo/oil. That way, it will be very clear how much food you need to reach your optimal caloric intake for the day. For example, my goal is 1600-1800 calories per day. I can eat 15 cups of fruit (1,000 calories), 6 heads of lettuce (100cal), 2 Tbsp oil (200calories), 1/2 cup nuts (300 cal), 2 heads broccoli. And there ya have it, i met my daily caloric intake requirement. Think about it… THATS A LOT OF FOOD! If I ate 5 cups of fruit, 2 heads of lettuce, and a head of broccoli, THREE TIMES A DAY, I’ve met my caloric intake for the day.

    I’m new to raw, and I figure that I generally follow the above guidelines, but I eat many more greens/veg in place of fruit. That was more of an example. I eat when I’m hungry. I maintain my weight. I’ve always been the correct weight for my height, and active. And eating this amount works for me… i haven’t desired cooked food AT ALL since going 99% raw 5 weeks ago.

  • If you feel like taking a long nap after eating, then you probably ate too much. Digestion requires quite a bit of energy, so it’s good to give your body a break.

  • Thanks for all the responses to my desperate question. :)

    I am feeling more at peace with my hunger. By the end of the day, I had had two bowls of salad in addition to my two smoothies, so it wasn’t a huge food day, and if I count calories, it probably ended up less than my daily requirement. I will start keeping a count of nutrients – that’s such a great suggestion, Winona. I don’t yet have an intuitive framework for what foods I need.

    This morning I’m having a smoothie with avocado, spinach, and grapefruit. It’s yummy! And filling…

    Thanks, everyone. :)

    Big hugs, Birdie

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