Not hungry, should I eat?

I’ve been 50% raw for the last 3 days now after being vegetarian for almost a year. Today I’m just not feeling hunger at all. I have eaten much less than usual for the last 3 days as well, and I’ve lost 3lbs already. I feel quite tired and very light headed. I have a mild headache as well.

Should I try to eat something or stick with water til I feel the need for food? I’m inclined to think I should listen to my body, but not eating seems wrong…


  • Hi Kthdsn. I believe that your body is detoxifying,and the headache is the toxins that are leaving the body.If you are not hungry,don’t eat. Don’t think that “not eating seems wrong”.This is “society thinking”.Your body knows better. Sometimes the body needs rest with all the food/poison. Just rest a lot,don’t do anything and try to sleep.If you could,later take a shower and brush your skin.You will feel beter. Drink a lot of pure water,avoid the sink water.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Not eating is fine. Wild animals fast naturally when they need to heal themselves.

    Many people think that fasting at least one day a week is the key to amazing health and longevity. If you don’t want to eat right now, then it would be a good time to listen to your body and just be without food.

    It won’t do you any harm, in fact it will give your body a rest from digestion so it can put its energy into detoxing you and healing the parts it normally can’t because it is digesting instead – digestion takes up a huge amount of energy.

    Fasting can bring the most wonderful feelings of euphoria and clarity of mind. As well as the detoxing benefits, I say go for it, listen to your body. Maybe give yourself raw juice instead/as well as water, and as soon as you feel like eating something again have something light.

    Check out angela stokes website, she just did a 92 day juice feast/fast:

  • Agreed, liseten to what feels right. I feel the same at the moment, also have got a fever.

    Rest, drink lots of water and if you can manage some juice then have a little.

    It does pass!

  • Thanks guys, I’ll stick with my water then. It’s so helpful to have non-society-thinkers to talk to for a change!

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