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Need advice on Rebounder

MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

I think there are a few members here who use rebounders. The first time I saw that term I had to google it to figure it wasn’t what I thought it was. I read up on it and I was amazed to see some of the documented (rather than purported) benefits. I think I am ready to give it a try.

I have started looking into buying a rebounder. I have a small apartment but I have app 12×12 of open space in my living room and the idea of a folding rebounder appeals to me. The prices fluctuate significantly, starting from around $50 to $325. I don’t want to spend any more than necessary, but if the quality in the higher-end models is worth it then I would consider that an investment and not an expense.

So here are some questions I would like input on:

If you like your model, what brand is it? Have you tried any other models and why you like them more or less? Do you use a handle bar and does it help? What benefits do you enjoy from it? After you bought it, do you use it as often as you thought you would? Do you have RA or other joint issues and, if so, how does it affect your body? Do you have a folding rebounder and what are the pros/cons vs. a regular one?

I appreciate any input you can give me so I can try to make a informed decision on purchasing one. :)


  • msrawdivamsrawdiva Raw Newbie

    hey! i just bought one from walmart for $30. i’m waiting to see if anyone posts what kind of results they’ve achieved from them.

  • I have purchased 2. The first one was about $30 from Walmart and the springs broke within a couple of months. Msrawdiva, don’t worry, Walmart will replace it for you, I’m sure. The second one I bought from a sports store, brand name Weider, no handle bar, cost about $80. I love this one. It has lasted well. I feel energized when I use it and it’s easy on my knees and feet.

    I hope that helps.

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Well I would say shop for the ones with the higher weight limit (300lbs I think), I would assume they would be the sturdiest. I got mine off of Ebay. I looooove it! Mine folds which is great, I have yet had to fold it back up, but just in case I do, it does! Mine also came with a handle bar that I put up in the begining. I guess it’s ok, but all it does now is just get in the way! I guess if you can’t comfortably afford a $300 one, then by all means shop for one that’s more reasonable. I believe I paid somewhere around $100 for mine and I have yet to have any problems with any of the springs wearing out on me.

  • msrawdivamsrawdiva Raw Newbie

    glad i kept the receipt! lol!

  • SueSue

    My first rebounder I bought at Modell’s for about 20 bucks. It was ok, but then I bought a more expensive one on-line and it is awesome. There is so much more “give” as you jump. You definitely get what you pay for. If you can’t afford one for 150 to 200 dollars, then buy one cheap. You’ll still be getting benefits from it. Sorry I can’t remember where I bought mine. If you look up “rebounders” on line, I’m sure you’ll see lots of useful info.

  • I purchased a Needak rebounder in January. I use it almost every single day. I can certainly feel a difference in my knees, for the better. The one I have access to at the gym is a cheaper model and it is a great deal less comfortable than the Needak (which was about 250, and folds, which is handy when traveling). The Needak has a 5 year warranty and that speaks for itself as far as quality. Typically when I make a big purchase for something I expect to last and use frequently I compare warranties. It has never failed me.

    When I recommend rebounding to my clients it is always the Needak that I recommend. There is another brand out there that has the same warranty and tri-folds, I think it is called “Cellerciser”. It seems to be as sturdy as the Needak.

    To answer your other questions, I did not get it with a bar, though I think for anyone with balance issues that would be a wise addition. I do not have RA, though I do have arthritis in a few places and can feel a big improvement from using the rebounder. My resting heart rate is at an all time low now and I really think the rebounding has a lot to do with that.

  • My spouse purchased a good quality rebounder over 20 years ago. Its still going strong. I would suggest a good one it you want to avoid troubles. Check out ReboundAir, they offer a lifetime warranty. I would consider the $50 ones as disposable. There are also very soft and if you rebound with any intensity you’ll hit the floor below.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    Thank you guys so much for the input. I had been looking at the Needak and from what I read online thought it was a sturdy machine that would last. I am ordering it today, The idea of jumping as exercise is hysterical to me. It sound like someone telling you that swinging is a great form of exercise.

  • msrawdivamsrawdiva Raw Newbie

    i KNOW…it DOES seem silly. what really gets me is the claim that it assists with detox. can’t wait for that!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I have a hurt knee; will a rebounder be okay for someone with a weak knee?

  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    I just went and bought one, but I forgot about my bladder. When I jump, I pee!!! So, I have to use the bathroom RIGHT before, or I’m screwed. I bet that was too much information, lol. Sorry. OH… but after I jumped, it really got things moving in other areas of elimination ;), which rocked. HAHAHA. I’m so weird.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I ordered mine yesterday. I am really excited about it coming in. I used to love to jump on my bed. I did this until about 21, which was when I had my own baby. I think this is something I can physically do and would be motivated to continue doing. I recalled that I really worked up a sweat doing this and my heart would pound. I just never thought of it as exercise.

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    moth in my opinion no the rebounder wouldnt be good with a knee weakness , but maybe if you got a heavy duty knee brace like pro hockey players use it’d work . usually sports authority carries all things sports so should have them .

  • You could always try a “soft bounce” one for knee problems. I know Needak has one. I think the cellercizer is supposed to be the best – and of course most expensive.

    I really wouldn’t buy one from Wallmart. If they’re not properly made they’re basically damaging your spine each time you bounce because the rebound is jarring rather than smooth. I don’t know how to best explain it but search on some rebounding sites and they might explain the science behind it a little better.

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