Did I have a colonic

Well Saturday I took the plunge “literally”, I had my first colonic. I have to say it was a very pleasant experience for me overall. They had this great “chi machine” which everyone should look into trying at least once, it was so soothing. The therapist was so nice and easy to work with even with half of my body being exposed, but here is the kicker. Noting came out, except for some major gas I had, the water was clear for the entire session. I wish you could have saw her face, she constantly asked me what my diet consiste of and I explained to her plant food, veggies and fruit. Now besides the fact that for one month I did half days of juice feasting and I just started taking e3live which really helps with cleaning the colon, has anyone else ever had this happen to them when they had a colonic


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    ardes—yes same thing! I was so glad I didn’t sign up for the 30 sessions. I was done in 3. I guess it’s recommended even in the raw world to do this seasonally, but i haven’t been back in a year. Hey—i’m 1/2 way done with the PACE book. Not impressed so far. i think a sedentary person might misinterpret the information as meaning you only need 10 minutes of activity per day. I’m still sticking to my running 2 days, sprints interspersed for 1 of those runs, 3 yogas, 2 Pilates and spinning (sprints also). From a PT perspective, I still recommend a program geared specifically to the clients needs once they are well so we choose from our cardio/sprint challenges and our mind body work.

  • Thanks for looking into the book Izhpt, and I guess you are right a person could look at it the wrong way.

  • haha! thats great, i’ve often wondered if the same thing would happen to me. i’ll bet she was seriously impressed!

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