because it makes me feel good

i’m new to this website… i’ve been vegan for a few years and raw since last spring. it’s surprisingly easy to be raw in new york city (except for the cold weather and that my “garden” is on my windowsill). there are many raw & vegan restaurants, health food stores, and almost every corner store has a salad bar and a selection of fresh fruit.

when people ask me why i’m raw, i always say the same thing: “because it makes me feel good.”


  • Hey, welcome to Gone Raw! I never imagined it could be so easy to eat raw in NYC. Portland still has a way to go, but it’s pretty good.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    “because it makes me feel good.”

    Perfect! I believe I’ll follow this excellent example. No more 5 minute why I’m eating raw speeches from me. And, I do believe that friends/family interested in more information will ask more questions.

  • Actually… this brings up a question I have. I love to name off all the great reasons I eat raw foods. We just got The Balanced Plate by Renée Loux yesterday, and she talks about reasons for going raw. Here’s her list, which I think is pretty good:

    • Complete Package – ” in its whole state is a complete package.”
    • Peak of Nutrition – “Some nutrients are partially destroyed by heat, light, air, and water.”
    • Enzymes and Easy Digestion – “The same lunch made from fresh, raw food will not require the standard copious amounts of energy to digest…”
    • Juicy with Organic Water – “The valuable organic water in fresh fruits and vegetables is the kind our bodies can truly drink into their cells.”

    Is this a pretty complete list of reasons? Any you would add?

  • Welcome merideth!

    Ray, I like your list of reasons for being raw. But I have never seen anybody explian why they are raw quite like raw checf Juliano. Check out this video:

    it takes awhile to load but it is totally worth it!

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