zeffrienne's raw journey

Hi all!! Brillaint site. I am about to begin my raw journey… I ate so much cooked starchy food today! I have soooo many last last binge days. Why has food such a hold on us emotionally? What is it about the bad stuff that is so appealing? I am hoping to coplete a 100 day’s raw personal challenge starting tomorrow so wish me luck. Completely new to all this so I have tons to learn and guess I will make many mistakes along the way but in my heart I feel it it the way to go ..


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Yeah! I am so glad you are taking a 100 day challenge. I am sure that once you get through the detox, you will need no more convincing that raw is the way to go!

  • Hi Zeffrienne. Welcome to the raw !! Food is the first thing that we remember in life,with our mother,then with the family.Food is a big part of our bond with familiy and friends,so when you think about food,think on the feeling that comes with it.If you crave something maybe is that you are craving and longing for a feeling from childhood,teenager years….or even a feeling that you want for your life right now. Food is a huge part of our life.I would like to talk with a breatharian one day.They must be very interesting people.

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