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Gone Organic - Why Eat organic?

WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

http://www.reneeloux.com/go_organic/ http://www.reneeloux.com/go_organic/dirty_dozen…

I need some help here folks. I’m now raw, but not organic. I need to convince myself to pay the extra money and eat only organic from now on.


  • One huge reason to buy organic produce is to support organic farming. Non-organic farming depletes the nutrients in the soil a great deal. There was other problems with non organic farming too I just cant remember them offhand. Also, the more people who buy organic produce the cheaper it will likely become. Personally, I don’t want to ingest chemical fertalizers and pesticides with my food. If you are really hurting budget wise, it would be safer to buy things that have thick, removable outer layers non-organic because atleast then you know the chemicals havent gotten into the inside.

  • If you have access to a copy of Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine pick it up and read about a study done comparing the preschool children in a couple communities in Mexico. It’ll help you stay organic! The children exposed to pesticides had decreased mental functioning, ADD, decreases in stamina, marked decrease in gross and eye-hand coordination, and the ability to draw a person was remarkably different. The “normal” children were able to draw a rudimentary person, whereas the pesticide exposed children basically just drew squiggles on the page. The part I find the most disturbing from the study was how the pesticide-exposed children had a much different style of play. Instead of making up games and playing with dolls they just roamed the area, interacting minimally with each other, and resorted easily to anger and aggression.

    Obviously eating organic is more important during our formative years and the difference wouldn’t be as great as adults, but we also vote with our dollar every day on whether or not pesticides should be used.. Personally, I’d rather throw out the TV and buy organic foods. In fact, I did throw out the TV anyways.

    Although, I do agree that with some foods organic isn’t really important, like with hemp – which doesn’t need pesticides anyways. If budget is an issue just stick to buying organic for the foods most likely to be contaminated.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Raw_Chocoholic – good to know. I was fed all conventional produce my entire life. I bet i have a million toxins in my body. I’ll probably read rainbow green too.

    That’s exactly what I’m wondering – is eating organic important at my age (23), or is it too late to benefit?

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    It’s not too late! Why would it be too late? Is there a time limit on NOT eating pesticides and metals? lol, look at it this way: if you are eating all raw, then you are eating a load more poisons than you were as a SAD eater, because you’re eating a lot more produce. So if you can afford organic, then do it. Even if it is just part organic. Especially things like peaches and strawberries which are stuffed full of pesticides. REmember poisons are not just on the peel.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    good point alix – now that i’m eating more conventional produce, i’m consuming far more chemicals. i should start eating raw – since I’m very fortunate, in that I CAN afford it.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    So true, Winona, the expense of it. I’m so lucky that I have a friend helping me to eat healthy. To be honest, I couldn’t do all this raw and organic without him. Do you have the list on produce with the highest loads of pesticides? That way, if you can’t afford all organic, then you can at least buy the ones that are the worst or avoid them.

  • From The Sunday Times October 28, 2007 Official: Organic Really is Better

    THE biggest study into organic food has found that it is more nutritious than ordinary produce and may help to lengthen people’s lives.

    The evidence from the

  • SueSue

    I agree with you guys (gals) that organic is best, even though it’s usually more expensive.Kandace wrote a post listing the least and most toxic fruits and veggies, which can be found in Brigette Mars book “Rawsome.” I always buy organic strawberries, celery and spinach. Avocados, broccoli, and some nuts are ok conventional since they have the least amount of pesticides, but I always buy organic when available.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Absolutely-I’m with raw-chocaholic. Your answers are in Rainbow Green Live Cuisine—along with some of the best real evidence to support a raw lifestyle. Out of the 15 or more raw books I’ve read, this is my #1! You must eat organic. you cannot wash off a pesticide. It is a neurotoxin that the plant ate. It’s is the soil of all conventional produce and it’s IN the produce, not just on the surface. If you have a nervous system (and you do), it’s only a matter of time before you have symptoms of neorotoxicity and for the smaller ones—your children—this will happen sooner. A child born today has a 1 in 6 chance of developing a childhood cancer! Every pesticide is a known carcinogen and neurotoxin. Go organic today. This supports the earth, the soil, the farmer and ultimately brings prices down for all of us. You can make a huge difference.

  • I agree too, I try to eat as much organic as I can afford. I usually travel 4 hours a day on my days off to get my organic produce. A similar study was released in Hungary my home counrty some years ago, and I have been eating as much organic I can for about 2 years. I try to always buy organic from apples, spinach, carrots, beets, strawberries, lettuce, celery. However my avos are most often non organic and sometimes I buy non-organic bananas and oranges (only if significantly cheaper or not available)

  • think about it this way.. produce that isnt organic is sprayed with things that are intended to KILL things.. KILL bugs, KILL weeds.. why would you want to eat things that have things on and in them that are intended to KILL? but i know it is expensive.. so, i work at a health food store and i get to take produce that is bruised etc for free.. also when buying it i buy focus on buying organic on certain things like lettucey things and thin skin items (especially if you eat the skin) when i cant afford all organic.. you can find a list online that says which inorganic produce is the worst.. so its a good way to start transitioning to organic.. or just jump in!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    loveskale-smart idea, working for a health food store. you’re right – pesticides are intended to kill living things. I don’t know why I never realized this!

    flybaby- it’s good to know how much effort you put into it. I should really eat organic when i live in upstate NY, the largest concentration of organic farms in the country.

    Izhpt – it’s good to know that i can’t wash pesticides off. And neurotoxicity – that is scary. And it must be true. I read about 100 Year Lie yesterday – the author mentioned how rates of almost ALL diseases have RADICALLY increased due to our exposure to chemicals. Woah – this toxicity is REAL!!

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