Almond pulp

I just made my first batch of almond milk. It’s delicious! I ended up with a good amount of almond pulp after straining off the milk. Does anyone have any good uses for this pulp? I would think it would make a wonderful cracker or bread of some sort. I have a food dehydrator but haven’t used it much yet. Thanks!


  • The cinnamon roll recipe on this site is very good for left-over almond pulp.

    You can also use your food processor to grind up some veggies and mix with almond pulp, ground flax seeds and spices to make a somewhat thick mix to spread thin and put into the dehydrator…but I’ve found that any of the various mixes and recipes I’ve made for crackers with almond pulp turn into a fragile cracker. They crack easily and end up not strong enough for dipping anything sturdy. But they taste wonderful! Maybe it’s just me but it seems ground flax seed brings a certain bitterness in the final product, which is well diluted with almond pulp.

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    I’m a big fan of the cinnamon roll recipe, too!

    There are more ideas here:

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