juice grapefruit peel?

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I’m going to make some grapefruit juice for tomorrow. can i put it through my (centrifugal) juicer with the peel on, or do i have to peel the whole fruit?



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    I don’t know what type of juicer you have, but most say you can. I would cut a section of the grapefruit and juice that with the peel to see how your juicer handles it,

    Citrus peels really can change the flavor of the juice. I usually enjoy it but many people do not. What they may be responding to is the pith between the skin and the fruit. I think it is more bitter than the peel.

    My general rule is if it is organic, I will juice the peel. If not, I peel it first since the peel contains most of the residual whatever-the-hell-they-are-putting-on-food these days.

  • thanks for the quick feedback, Dain! I have two juicers – a Breville juice fountain which I use all the time, and a Green Star monster that I have not yet taken the time to figure out how to use despite the fact that it’s been sitting brand new on my counter for a year (yes, I know how sad that is). i am good with bitter tastes and the fruit is organic, so I’m going to go for it and juice the peel.

  • In the juicing books I have read by Steve Meyerowitz, N.W. Walker, and the Juice Lady, you can leave the peels on the lemon and limes. But you need to peel all other citrus fruits before juicing.

    Here is a site you might what to look at…

    Everything you ever wanted to know about juicing.


    (You might have to type in the address to get to this site.)


    At this site it says….

    Always remove the peel from citrus fruits before juicing them. The peels from oranges, tangerines and grapefruits contain oils that are indigestible and provide a bitter taste. If consumed in large quantities citrus peels can lead to digestive problems. Lemon and lime peels can be juiced. The white potion of a citrus fruit is actually the most beneficial part as it contains the most Vitamin C and bioflavonoids (an antioxidant.)

    Another site to check out…

    Juicing for Health


    This site says the following…

    When eating or juicing grapefruit, peel off the skin but leave as much rind intact as possible. Include the rind as it contains the highest amount of valuable bioflavonoids and other anti-cancer agents.

  • grapefruit & orange peel are not delicious in juice.

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    Simplyraw – thanks for your post.

    I have always read that the pith (white part between skin and fruit) is the most beneficial. I probably drink one grapefruit peel a week when I can get organic grapefruits. It has never given me a problem. Perhaps it is because only a small portion of this indigestible oil is juiced from the peel. Perhaps it is because I have not consumed enough of it. Perhaps it is because I have a cast-iron stomach. LOL. I always contributed that last one to eating very hot and spicy food almost daily.

  • I have been blending a couple of grapefruits, with banana and coconut for a couple of days. It made for the most delicious smoothie. But I would go so far as to peel the rind, the pith, the seeds, and the skin from the individual sections of the grapefruit, so that my smoothie wouldn’t have an unbearable taste. Well this morning, I decided to blend the whole thing. It was bearable, but I could only have a limited portion. I am saving the rest of it to add to a green smoothie later today and tomorrow. A little goes a LONG way, when you are using every part of the fruit. If you read about the seed extract alone, you will understand how potent it can be. But, I believe that you will have great luck if you combine your WHOLE grapefruit with a base green juice. I don’t believe that you have to rule it out, in fact I believe that it is imperative to occasionally include it. However, moderation is key with citrus!

    PS. I have a whole box of grapefruits that came from my uncle’s tree (Florida), if anyone would like a few. They are totally organic. Trust me, they barely even realize they have the precious thing in their back yard. My mom and I have to finish a whole box of them before May 4th so we can get some more.

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