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Hello all. I’ve been vegan for the past year and am now trying to switch over to being “raw” but I also want to gain about 5-10 lbs. Is it possible? If so, what do you recommend I eat on a day-to-day basis in order to put on the pounds without doing it in an unhealthy way. (i.e. eating a lot of coconut. it’s really high in saturated fat)


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    Actually, coconut fat is very good when raw. The thing about it though is that much like you can use coconut oil for cleaning, it dissolves fats and therefore isn’t useful for gaining weight. In fact, it promotes weight loss.

    Look, honestly, from my own experience, all raw vegan fats don’t really help much for weight gain. They digest the old fats and generally, keep you skinny, and not too lean either. Greens are very good for it though- but you really really have to do a lot of them, and high quality. Juicing would be a good idea as it would take less for you to digest. Combining fats with high glycemic fruit (which is a crime, of course) actually helps the sugar stick around long enough to get absorbed, but it isn’t great for digestion for some people. And here’s the part I’m going to need to apologize a million times for- the only way I’ve managed to FINALLY put on a little more weight, was to add a little bit of raw animal products. I did a bit of raw fish and suddenly my stamina came back and I put on a whole lot of weight. I’m not recommending it, of course, as I would be lynched for it. Oh and obviously, you can’t gain lean mass without exercising a lot, weight training for example though any kind of strength exercise helps.

  • The way that always seemed to work for me was to do 30-60 minutes of resistance training with weights and/or intensive calisthenics like these:… followed by a high-protein, low-”white carb” meal 45-60 minutes later.

    That was in my extreme meat-eating days, though. On a vegan raw diet, I imagine foods like nuts and leafy greens are going to be more likely candidates for consumption. I’m new to this myself and am currently just trying to get my consumption under control so I haven’t tried “performance-oriented” eating yet.

    If you’re concerned about “bulking up” too much, you might choose the calisthenics instead of the weights.

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    Coconut is a form of heart-healthy saturated fat, just like cocoa fat (chocolate) and palm fruit oil. However, the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut are more likely to converted to energy for the body’s needs, instead of getting stored as fat.

    Combining greens w/fat is a good way to gain weight.

    Here’s a salad recipe from The Sunfood Diet Success System: tomatoes (non-sweet fruit w/high water content), macadamia nuts (high-fat nuts), kale (dense in minerals, amino acids and protein).

    Here’s another recipe from the same book: avocado (healthy fats), olives (protein, minerals, healthy fats), chased down with green juice (minerals, protein, etc.).

    Adding superfoods like maca, hemp protein powder and chlorella/spirulina are a great way to gain weight, too.

    For males, getting adequate sun will stimulate the production of testosterone which will increase muscle growth. I believe that for both sexes, Vitamin D from the sun will increase bone mass and mineralization. Lastly, eating more food less often, instead of snacking frequently, will slow the metabolism. :)

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Also, it seems you should try to limit sweet fruit. Not sure why, maybe it works through your digestive system too quickly, and you end up not retaining as much weight. :)

  • virgin coconut oil (not heat processed)

    It’ll help people gain weight who need to gain it; and it’ll help people lose weight who need to lose it.

    I take one tablespoon after breakfast and one after dinner. Do not take on an empty stomach or it’ll make you have a stomach ache.

    I haven’t had the cholesterol test where you fast in the morning. But an impromptu test taken at a store showed my cholesterol to be 165.

    With the old diet, my cholesterol was 190 when I was 21 and 190 when I was 40.

    Hope that helps.

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