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Hi, I am trying to lose weight had read conflicting articles on eating breakfast. While some encourage to eat breakfast as early as possible to kick start our metabolic rate, others advised to eat as lat as possible so that the body have enough time to detox.

What should I do if I wish to lose weight?


  • have a ‘breakfast’ however make sure it is a shake or smoothie. it will help keep your metabolism going, curb your appetite throughout the day while minimizing the potential for a late day binge.

  • I got this off of the “Raw Food Right Now” blog. It seems to make sense. I’ve not been so intent on eating a hearty breakfast since I’ve been progressively more raw. I usually have a piece of fruit at 10ish then maybe a 10 or less almonds around noon. Then lunch (big salad) around 1ish. It feels good to me…by good I mean light, energized, the food seems well received.

    Hope the Heidi and Justin info helps-

    Do You Know the Body’s Three Daily Digestive Cycles?

    I remember reading sometime ago about the body’s three natural daily digestive cycles. When I first read about them, it made sense, but still seemed a bit odd. Maybe it was true, but I certainly had not noticed it…

    So I put it in the back of my mind.

    Well, the concept has been churning through my mind in the last few days because of an event that triggered the memory. I’ll tell you about it in a minute.

    For those of you who don’t know these cycles, the body is supposed to have three daily digestive cycles (whether you eat all raw food or not):

    1. Elimination; 2. Appropriation; and 3. Assimilation

    Elimination is between 4 AM and 12 PM. This is the body’s time to heal; time to push out toxins and cleanse. Most of us are sleeping during the first half of this time and starting our day the second half.

    I have to admit, that for the last year, I’ve noticed that I usually do not get hungry until noon, no matter what time I slept the night before. As a side note, I definitely remember never being hungry in the mornings when I was younger while being coerced to eat cereal and toast for breakfast…

    Appropriation is basically eating food. This second cycle is from 12 PM and 8 PM, the time when a large percentage of us eat all or most of our food. Makes sense.

    Last is assimilation: 8 PM to 4 AM. This is when your body is starting to assimilate (or draw nutrients from) the food you ate during the day. This happens as our bodies and minds begin to wind down. During this time most of us prepare for sleep and have the first half of our nightly rest.

  • For now, I listen to what my body want. I’ve read that eating around 10 or 11AM is best but when your’re up at 6AM to go to work, it doesnt work for everyone. I have to eat within an hour or getting up because I tend to have extreme low blood sugar crashes. I cannot leave the house w/o having had a smoothie w/o feeling totally out of it.

  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    That really makes sense. I’m never hungry at breakfast, but as I go on in my day around 12ish then I get hungry. As I think about it more and more I’m never really hungry in the morning, on the flip side, I’m always thristy in the morning. Maybe that has something to do with the toxin elimination?

  • I love a great big green smoothie for breakfast!

  • I agree with you, RawAlla, I love a green smoothie for b-fast. My work day starts at before sunrise & I can’t be slow on my feet! I then usually follow up one piece of fruit on each of my breaks with no real ‘lunch’.....by the time I get home, I feel great and am not inclined to have a lag in energy or food binge like I used to around 4:40 or 5pm…..

  • I loooovvveee green smoothies for breakfast too~ I usually just stick one banana in the blender with a ton of greens and some water, salt and stevia. Tastes great and really gets me going. Really good on the waist line too because breakfast if basically a banana and an all vege salad.

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