Nuts and Seeds

Hey Everybody-

Still doing the raw and LOVING it, but I have some questions. Why do some of you avoid nuts and seeds—are they bad to eat? Also, I feel like my skin has gotten really dry since going raw but has improved if I eat an avocado every day. Problem is I NEED to lose 20lbs but feel at a loss as to what to eat to get my protein and keep my skin from looking crepey but still lose weight. Does anyone have any thoughts, comments, advice???

Thanks very much!


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    forget the rules. raw fats do not make you fat. avocados (in my opinion) are a great fat source. easy to digest. i don’t avoid nuts and seeds. i make sure to soak them and i eat them moderately—1) because nuts are expensive and rarely raw, so you have to buy them online 2) because it just isn’t healthy to eat TOO much fat, even raw. i think a lot of “transitional” “raw junk food” recipes call for a lot of nuts and seeds and people just get fed up with being that full. but you reach that stage when you reach it, don’t need to focus on that right now.

    you will lose weight effortlessly by switching to raw. you won’t even believe it. just stay RAW and don’t avoid fats, fruit, and especially GREENS!!!

    your skin will also start to glow once your cells begin to renew on raw. it all falls into place.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    A lot of raw foodists find that nuts and seeds make them feel heavy and sluggish. Seeds, however, are considered a lighter food than nuts. Hemp, pumpkin and flax seeds are considered the best. Find out what works for you.

    Avocado has lipase, which might actually help the body metabolize the stores of cooked fats. Also, coconut oil has medium chain fatty acids which converts to energy easily for the body’s needs, and is unlikely to get stored as fat.

    A lot of raw foodists get their protein through greens, sprouts, nuts and seeds, and to a lesser extent, fruit. If you feel like you need more protein, you can try spirulina/chlorella/blue green algae, hemp protein powder, goji berries, incan berries, durian, olives, maca, and bee pollen.

    Silicon and sulfur are two of the most important minerals for your skin. Silicon is essential for skin elasticity, but it

  • Thanks Pianissima and achin70 for the encouragement/tips. I’ve been feeling really lethargic lately and I am starting to believe it’s cause I’m not eating in balance—memorized roughly 4 recipes I found here and have also been making the same smoothie for breakfast for the last month so, yeah, I guess I need to pay more attention to eating a well-rounded diet.

    I’ll give the advice a shot! Thanks again!

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Warning about MSM powder: It is an acquired taste. It’s a little bitter, but I’ve gotten used to it. I love the effect it’s starting to have on my body. It’s supposed to be good for the hair, nails, etc. as well. :)

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