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Dry flaky skin??

roxiroxi Raw Newbie

I just developed these two patches on either side of my neck that are dry and flaky. But the flakes don’t come off. It feels almost like sand paper. Does anyone know what this is, where it came from and how to get rid of it?? Thanks!


  • SueSue

    I had the same exact thing on the back of my neck shortly after I went raw. If you just put some moisturizer on it (like coconut butter) and leave it alone it will go away. I think it’s just part of detox.

  • roxiroxi Raw Newbie

    Okay, that is what I have been doing, ironically. I just took a shower and quickly put on a bunch of coconut oil, concentrating on those two spots. It’s weird because it is only on my neck and probably about the size of my palm.

  • SueSue

    That’s good roxi. Just keep doing that. I know it’s weird cause I had the same thing, a rough spot only on the back of my neck. Trust me, it will go away, it just takes some time.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    The same weird skin dryness happens to me sometimes on my face. It’s really annoying, but I use coconut oil and don’t touch it, and it eventually goes away. I think it’s definitely detox.

  • I get something similiar to that on my neck too but close to my hair line. It feels kinda rough but doesn’t really flake off. It kind of comes and goes – I am not sure what causes it either.

    I know once I used full strength tea tree oil on a zit I had on my neck many years ago and it burned my skin because it was too strong! And I have had a weird colored patch similiar since then. I thought maybe that the skin was burned on this other patch too.

    I put my MSM lotion on it and it goes away for the most part better than if I use coconut oil.

  • Same thing for me and I agree with the other girls – coconut oil.

  • roxiroxi Raw Newbie

    queenfluff, that is exactly how mine is. I tried exfoliating the area, but nothing flakes off. Like I said, it’s almost like sand paper. And you can see the flakiness, but it just sits there. Weird and annoying. Hopefully, the combination of the msm powder pills I am taking and the coconut oil will combat this thing quickly! Thanks everyone.

  • I have the same things on my arms once in awhile. I do notice it gets better if I drink more water and stick to raw foods (lately I’ve been in a “raw rollercoaster” haha).

    I’m taking MSM aswell (have been for about 4 months) so hopefully they won’t come back again!

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