hydrophonic growing

I was wondering if anybody knows anything about hydrophonic growing. My sister and I picked fresh strawberries and blueberrries this weekend at a hydrophonic farm. They call theirselves organic, but was curious about the stuff they grow the plants in and the “special sauce” they use. I asked the lady, and she said it was all natural, but I don’t trust everyones “knowledge” about the term all natural. I would love to hear any information I can get!! Thanks



  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hydroponic growing means that the plants are grown indoors, in an environment that mimics the natural environment – kind of!

    They use grow lights instead of the sun, and the plants aren’t grown in soil, instead the roots are soaked in a solution which contians precisely the exact nutrients that plant needs in order to survive. The solution they’re grown in just contains minerals and nutrients, imagine a plant version of a nutritional supplement.

    Organic means that something is grown mainly without pesticides, in hydroponic you don’t need pesticides. So in that sense it is organic. But is up to you to decide if you think this set up is a good replacement for natural outdoor growing.

    Hydropinics is mainly associated with growing marijuana in the UK. Using hydroponics, people are able to grow very, very strong strains of marijuana due to being able to control the nutrients and the whole growing environment. In Holland they grow flowers and lots of tomatoes using hydroponics.

    I have no idea if it is nutritionally/scientifically better or worse, but my intuition tells me there’s no subsitiute for Sunshine and good old muddy earth.

  • Well actually these plants were outside. They were growing in these upright containers which hold many plants all the way around this cone shaped unit. I know they don’t use soil, but they use this special sauce to help them grow and I was just curious if anyone had any good information on it. I know what organic means, but they say their isn’t any current standards for organic hydrophonic growing. The strawberries and blueberries were beautiful and they were warm from the sun (I live in Florida) I loved it and was hoping I could continue to go there.

  • the website for the place I went to is www.hydrotaste.com


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