Healing Unusually Slow

I’ve been mostly raw for three months now. one thing i have noticed in the past few weeks is that my skin has been healing really slow. i bit the inside of my lip while eating and had an awful canker sore for about two weeks. then about a week ago i accidentally slammed my finger in a dryer door and it bled for 5 hours. i still have a scab and it has barely healed. im not sure what the cause of this is but it has never taken my body this long to heal itself. im worried i may not be getting enough iron or B12 or something. i dont remeber enough about blood clotting from biology to make an educated guess. anyone have similar experience or any ideas?

i read as much as i could find on wikipedia about coagulation but there was nothing related to diet.


  • As far as the canker sore goes..it doesn’t matter what your diet is..they can take forever to get rid of. I have one now that I have had for a couple of weeks. (miserable) As for the bleeding..my youngest son has a horrible diet…and recently had a severe nose bleed..I had his iron tested and it was fine. I was sure that he must have low iron because of the excessive nose bleed. Nope..no explanation..Do you take aspirin, physician prescribed medications, or any supplements??

  • Sometimes the health of the liver can effect blood clotting but changing your diet to a raw diet will thin out congested blood, this is a good thing. Although, everything needs to be in balance. You may try more greens ie; green smoothies in your diet to recieve vit K ( a natural coagulant ). If you didn’t have a problem with coagulation before you went raw, I wouldn’t worry about it too much right now.

  • Do not worry about the B12. I don’t know what your diet was before going raw but the liver stores enough B12 in most people for a long time, usually months or years. Also there is an excellent article on B12 in David Klein’s latest Living Nutrition magazine which states that the bacteria in our mouth, throat, and nasal cavities produce enough B12 for our daily requirements. After being raw maybe 9 months or so you might want to test your B12. Spirit gives good advice, you can try eating more greens, especially soft sweet ones like romaine, iceburg, and baby spinach. The opposite is true for me, I bite my cheeks and tongue often during the night, the next day there is no mark at all.

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