How to find an organic farmer in your area

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Thanks to msdivaraw, who included this link on a conversation about inexpensive appliances, here’s a way to find organic farmers in your area from whom you can purchase a “share” and get freshly picked, locally grown, organic produce on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

At the risk of being redundant, I am starting this same topic on each forum so that everyone who has never been exposed to it (new or experienced) can check it out.

Thanks msdivaraw!


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    it’s all about support, jsorensens2!!!!! and raw-ness!

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    Oops! I rearranged msrawdiva’s name as msdivaraw. Sorry about that! My intention was good anyway. :-)

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    Jsorensens2 – Thank you so much for this link. I hae found 2 area CSAs that I have called and left messages for. Neither one mentions if they grow oeganic or not, but I am sure I will find out. Thanks again, much appreciated.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    That’s how i found my CSAs. What a wonderful resource!

  • roxiroxi Raw Newbie

    is this share, like stock? I’m confused, how do I get produce from them? I’ve found one close to me and they work year round…

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    The way I understand that it works is that you are puchasing a share of whatever is produced. For example, after a farmer figures out what she needs for her family, she pre-sell the rest of her crops to local families. She may base a share on the average yield to provide produce for a 4 member family for a week. If she thinks her crop will average 20 shares, then she looks for people to take shares or maybe half-shares every week for the entire season. Now she doesn’t have to worry about who is going to buy her food. In a good year, the share owners get more than they bargained for, but they also share the loss if there is a bad season. For the farmer, it guarantees her money either way so it is a sure thing and if she has done her math right, she has made if financially through the season and has the money to begin planting for the next season.

    Every week or whatever the distribution period is, the farmer divides whatever has been harvested and divides it up by the number of shares. They may be delivered or picked up by the share owners. Sometimes farmers also sell some of their produce to local markets and arrange to have the shareowners pick up their shares at the market since many of the farmers are further out of the cities. This way the farmer can drop everything off at the market, which is her customer, and most of the share owners would be going to the market anyway to buy other things.

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    JSORENSENS2 - Thank you so much for this post. I contacted a local, family-run farm as a result of your post and met them on Earth Day. I have purchased shares in their lovely little farm and will soon be eating their veggies. They grow primarily greens so it is a match made in heaven. Thank you so much for your kindness in providing us this information. As Martha would say, “It’s a good thing.”

  • yes, thank you so much for this link!

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    Here is the link for this lovely family and their farm – Five Leaves Farm

    Couldn’t you just eat them with a spoon?

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