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I think it is essential that we set a positive example with daily exercise as well as following a healthy diet. Animals are important, but Human Animals must come first. We can’t look out for other animals in our kingdom if we don’t look after our own health and fitness. That is why I’m happy to share with all of you what Richard Blankman (I’m sure most of you are familiar with him, he’s a Fruitarian Personal Trainer/Life Coach/Drill Sergeant), is offering. He is offering a FREE 60 day Diet and Exercise Bootcamp. He’s a 38-year-old Father who is in the most incredible shape! He looks like he’s in his early 20s! This is an excellent example of what the Raw Lifestyle is all about. Check him out on myspace (look at his pictures!): Here is what he posted on MySpace Bulletin Board:



The Re-Boot Your Life “ONLINE BOOTCAMP” is open on the 1st of May “FREE OF CHARGE” to “ANYBODY” regardless of experience that’s motivated to make that once in a lifetime change, “NOW” theirs “NO EXCUSES” , you’ll get “ONGOING” support from our in house “HEALTH & WELLNESS” experts, all we ask is that you “DEDICATE” yourself to taking “FULL ADVANTAGE” of this “ONCE” in a lifetime chance to spend 60 days “STRIVING FOR EXCELLENTS”.

What’s It All About?

It’s what you want it to be, you set your own goals, for instants, if your a meat eater and you want to go vegan, or a vegan and want go raw or if your over/under weight then you set your own personal dietry and fitness goals then you spend 60 days achieving/surpassing your goals, it’s all about prioritizing YOU and your health and fitness for 60 days.

It’s totally free of charge and I’m putting together a support team of spiritual life coaches, fitness coaches, living-food chefs/naturapaths and herbalists to support the participants that make it on the program, I’m not doing all this to have people bail out on themselves so it is by invitation only….it also can get pretty intense but anything that involves changing habits/conditioning is going to be intense. I also run a tight ship and I don’t put up with any excuses or anybody going AWOL.

If I don’t think your going to stick it out for the full 60 days I won’t accept you….this is a rare opportunity to prioritize yourself and transform your health and fitness in a supportive environment for 60 days, it should not be taken lightly, it’s going to be intense, this is not for the faint hearted or something where you can just tag a long for the ride and quit/bail out after two weeks because I hurt your feelings….don’t apply unless your seriously want to transform your body and willing to commit to pushing your fitness to new levels personal to you for the full 60 days and beyond.

Infact…if you have to think twice about prioritizing yourself…it’s probably not for you!

Before you respond, please ask yourself….

1) Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

2) Are you desperate to make a positive mental/physical change?

3) Are you willing to push your comfort zones and strive to achieving your dream?

4) Are you ready for SUCCESS?

If so then your a candidate….

“YOU WANT IN?”, this is invitation only, so E-mail INNERLIGHTRADIO@... OR SPIRITHALIMA@... before the April 23rd with a detailed reason why you “NEED” to be registered for this life changing program.

Bootcamp Guidelines

1) Must post up to date front, side and back before pics with proof of date, such as a newspaper,etc, within 7 days of being accepted and no later than May 1st, anyone that does not comply will lose their place on the program.

2) Must post Progress reports complete with summary of previous months effort and new stats/progress pics/vids at the end of each month.

3) Pay this forward and send this information to at least 5 people that you feel will most benefit from this “online” bootcamp.

4) Must be willing to support and encourage others throughout the bootcamp.

5) Must prioritize yourself and be able to report in on a regular basis till the end of the bootcamp.

6) Must respect the leadership and philosophy of the bootcamp coach (Richard Blackman).

7) Must prepare emotionally for success and be open to change.

8) Must be willing to have pics posted on website/used for promotional purposes by SNB.

9) If it’s felt that any bootcamp participant is consistantly neglecting their commitment to the bootcamp/themselves they will be “shipped out” without warning.

10) Like life, this bootcamp/program is what you make it, have fun.


The program will be judged and three individuals with the most outstanding results will be picked by Richard Blackman a.k. a F1 at the end of the bootcamp and prizes will be donated by leaders in the health & fitness field to the winners based on the following:

1) Amount of weight lost and physical condition, appearance and wellbeing.

2) Obstacles overcome to reach goals/amount of goals achieved.

3) General atitude and support of fellow members.

Thank you Coach Richard Blackman

I hope you all sign up!

Here’s to staying in shape FOREVER!!!


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