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Eating just fruit



  • tophomekitchentophomekitchen Raw Newbie
    MOTH said:

    I’m shifting again, and now it seems like all I want is fruit. Greens are not satisfying and almost seem like a waste of time to eat. They just seem like they go right through me, not sticking to my ribs. It’s weird because three weeks ago I was all about the greens.

    Now I think I could happily live on just fruit forever. It just seems like the perfect food. I’ve been so satisfied eating it. Because of these changing desires I am interested in learning more about fruitarianism.

    Is there anything I should watch out for if I eat only fruit? I’ve read some mixed things about it, but I do feel like I could live on fruit forever so I was thinking I might allow myself to. I figure I’ll eat fruit as long as it feels right to do so.


    Could you share your fomular each day?

  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    I'm curious about what combination of fruit works too. 

  • RamonaBrekkeRamonaBrekke Raw Newbie
    edited February 2019

    To my mind, it's not okay to eat only fruits. Our organism need all groups of vitamins. As for me, I need some chocolate every time after hard work. For example, I just finished an article and I need chocolate or some sweet snack. 

  • I have fruit days but I definitely feel like I need something that takes a little longer to digest, like broccoli, kale, etc.

  • amanaamana Raw Newbie

    I love fruit.I have days like this,relax and enjoy x

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