Manual wheatgrass juicer


I am excited about getting a manual wheatgrass juicer, since I can’t afford some of the nice electric ones right now. Do they work okay, and can anyone recommend a particular brand?


  • I have an older K&K Press that I have never used. I bought it at a yardsale in Santa Fe last summer. I think you’ve inspired me to pull it out – I’ll report back. I totally forgot I had this!

  • While I don’t have a juicer, this is the one that I think I would get if I were going to get a manual wheatgrass juicer. It seems to be the one I keep hearing about as a good entry level juicer.

    - Bill

  • I got mine here they have a beginner’s deal with the whole kit and then you can updrade the juicer later if you want and they discount for your initial investment. I ‘ve been really happy with this ultra basic juicer so far….and it;s not that difficult to clean : )

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    blujett8~ Cool site. Since they have a trade in program, might be a good place to get a deal on a used juicer… 8)

  • does anyone have any experience with the z-star manual juicer? if so, would you recommend it?

  • I have the healthy juicer and I like it! Light, compact, juices well and really easy to assemble and clean

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