Quitting smoking without being a monster

Okay, I know that this isn’t some of ya’lls cup of tea, but I have been a powersmoker for the past twelve years. This is my third day without cigarettes, and I can tell that my body is feeling better based on all the mucus I’m getting rid of, but the rest of me feels hellacious. I’m angry, whiny, and I don’t seem to have ANY control over my emotions. This is my last major bad habit to squash, and I’m really committed to it, but I don’t want to be disowned by my loved ones in the process. I’ve noticed that juicing ginger seems to help a little bit. Has anyone else dealt with this in natural ways? Thanks.


  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    years back i smoked for like 2 years , a pack a day i got up to. when i quit i was massively craving / uptight , then i started taking twigs off trees the diameter of cigs and peeled the bark and cut them into cig length with a hand saw . you could also buy ’ dowel pins ‘ at a home depot / hardware store and cut them to length . and between having the wooden cig in ones hand to give your fingers something to do , and mouthing it plus biting down on it to sorta release stress by biting down on something hard it really helped .

    plus im thinking deep breathing helps calm / destress .

    another thing is get a heavy duty rubber jump rope , as opposed to the flimsy cloth / rope types , and when have urge to smoke jump rope to empty your lungs and get you breathing hard so your focusing on how weakly smoking is making your lungs , and thusly how over all its weakening your life . itll get you mad at smoking .

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I quit using an amazing book called How to stop smoking permanently by Alan Carr.

    Then I used what I learned to help many others quit. Including my dear friend who has smoked for 35 plus years and stopped overnight and was so happy and excited about it too!!!

    His method makes you quit in the most ecstatic way. It is hard to describe coz most people associate quitting smoking with pain and angst not, ecstatic feelings and deep joy!

    When I quit I was so so high off the buzz of stopping, I haven’t come down yet, and that was 10 odd years ago. I still get that feeling whenever I think about it.

    He taught me all about the nature of addiction and once you get your head round that, freedom from all addictions comes and deep joy follows.

    His book is written in a very down to earth way, really easy to read, I can’t recommend it enough.

    There plug over, I should be getting paid for that ;0

  • Ssarah, I don’t know if this will be of any help to you, but a friend who was a 2 pack a day smoker quit by going to the acupuncturist. The acupuncturist placed a staple in the ear which allowed him to quit easily. You may want to look into that. Best of luck—tough addiction to quit, so more power to you.

  • Hey Zoe, I actually stopped eating (for the most part) meat and dairy after reading Allen Carr’s book “Easy weigh to lose weight”! I lost my first 15 vegan pounds a year ago because of that book! I still have some raw pounds coming off but am close now to where I want to be. But Allen Carr’s book really led me to raw. Awesome guy.

    Good luck quiting smoking Sarah! Congratulations for wading through the hard days. My husband quit chewing tobacco a couple of years ago and WOW… that was one crabby man. But after 3 days of him behaving like a complete jerk it went over and I am SO happy and proud of him for quiting! A good quote to help you through… “When you are going through hell, keep going”! Don’t worry you’re people will be there for you on the other side of the fog!

  • You guys are awesome!

    Michigan, I like the twig/placebo idea. I’ve been compulsively chewing toothpicks, but I think something a bit closer to the size and texture of a cig might be better.

    Zoe and Northern Lights, it sounds like I need to look into Allen Carr!

    Mon, that acupuncture treatment sounds almost too good to be true! I live in a natural medicine mecca (portland), so it should be easy to find a practitioner.

    Thanks again to all of you. Your encouragement makes me feel a lot less cranky already.

  • No advice, just wanted to say my dad and his wife both quit after over 20 years of smoking. They were BIG smokers, so you can definitely do it. My stepmom went cold turkey after a day of “healing,” whatever that meant for her. Hypnosis has worked for some people. Good luck!

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Ssarah: I quit smoking a few years back myself. The crankiness does go away! It may be difficult to get through t first, but you will be amazed at how delicious the world tastes and smells once you’ve quite for a while. And your capacity to breathe – my goodness!

    I didn’t go to an acupuncturist when I quit…but I live in Portland, too and love my acupuncturist. http://www.janiestone.com/

    Good luck!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    hey Northern Lights, amazing that Carr led you to raw. His book is Life Changing without a doubt!

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