the 7 year red eye

My husband and I met on the internet. He was from Florida and we now live in Ohio.. anyways…when he finally drove up here to stay for good.. he drove 20 hours straight & was exhausted. I noticed his eyes looked pink (& he said they itched) and the right eye seem to have a prominent red swollen vein in the white part. We figured it was exhaustion. Well, now 7 years later, he STILL has this eye problem (mainly in just the right eye) and we have no idea why. He went to an eye doctor & he prescribed allergy meds (which didn’t work) .. He went to his regular physician who said he was “allergic to the air” and sent him to an allergist. The allergist did a skin test & the results were all negative? When he’s tired or around smoke his eye get worse / more red and itch & hurts more. Even when he’s symptom free the right eye has the constant red vein? Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on this? When he lived in Florida he never had this problem at all, and BAM as soon as he moved here it started and never went away?


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    on the allergy angle ive read oil pullings good for allergies

  • I don’t know if this information will help you at all, but I had a problem with the inner-corner for my right eye always turning red. I went to the eye doctor and he told me it was just allergies. I took the meds he gave me but they were worthless. They didn’t help at all. He had no clue why I had this problem. Long story short, I figured out it was my contact lens solution. They started putting this “moisture lock” ingredient in my solution that I had been using for years and it was not agreeing with that one eye in particular. So, I got some daily contacts so that I don’t have to use solution and it’s never been red since. Just something to consider… it may not be the answer to his problem… but I thought I’d share just in case it was. Good luck!

  • michigan roman: have you tried oil pulling? I just started reading about it recently.. did it help you at all?

    skystrdust: thanks the info. although my husband doesn’t wear contacts, i appreciate your input.

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    af , ive only tried oilpulling about 7 times over the past month and one thing i can report is that its making my teeth whiter .

  • i have the same thing…ever since I moved from sea level to about 10,000ft and DRY in the mountains, I look like I’m on crack…my eyes are usually pretty red. I went to an allergist and got tested for about 24 different things…all negative. I went to the eye doctor just for fun bc my insurance covers it completely so it was free…and lo and behold i have astigmatism. my eyes were working overtime and I had no idea. I got glasses plus take special moisturizing eyedrops 4-5 times a day and theyre starting to look better. if you look at eye drops, don’t get the kind that says it gets the red out, it doesn’t actually moisturize. get Optive or Blink. also, he could be sleeping with his eyes open (i do too)...for that I got this stuff called Tears Again, which is basically a white petrolatum that you put in your eyes before bed and it protects them.

  • LizK: you are a lifesaver! thank you so much for giving me all those details on what type of solutions to buy. we now have a little hope because we didn’t know what else to try. Hm, I’m wondering if he sleeps with his eyes open too? how did you know you do that???

  • haha it freaked people out. my mom would notice it if she came in my room when I was sleeping, and in 10th grade on a trip my friends thought I died in my bed because my eyes were wide open. I’ve heard of some people taping their eyes shut at night…but I have really nice eyelashes haha and I don’t want to accidentaly rip them out.

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    I had pink-eye this year, twice, well I thought so, BUT the second time around was not pink-eye, it was dry-eyes, which felt a lot like pink-eye and looked like it also. At times it felt like my eyelid was actually sticking to my eyeball, scratching it when I would blink (that is sort of what is happening with dry eyes). I ended up buying over the counter eyedrops that were a “false tears” type solution (not the ones with mineral oil or petroleum in it) and it was amazing how different I felt immediately. It has passed and I don’t have to use them any longer, only had to use them for a short period of time (3 weeks, on and off, not every day, and only when I felt like my eyes were hurting which could be once a day or once in the day and once at night, not even close to what they recommend on the box). I know that some people put coconut water in their eyes, but never tried that, but worth investigating more on the coconut forums. By the way, I had never had this problem ever before, it came on suddenly and left suddenly without reason. Hope this helps.

  • yes tear replacement is what the eye drops are for…I agree they work. I forgot to add, the Dr diagnosed my dry eyes by putting a thread (it looks like a little piece of sewing thread) holding it right where my lower eyelid is for a few seconds. Apparently depending on how much tears the thread absorbed he can tell…and mine was below normal – so I guess I don’t produce enough tears.

  • rawmama: my hub’s eyes often look like pink-eye ( just without the goopy crust that usually accompanies it) – thanks so much for the info, i hope to get some otc drops for him today.

    lizk: lol, that is hilarious about your 10th grade trip! He told me he’s not sure if he sleeps w/his eyes open (they don’t feel more dry when he awakens) i’m going to have to catch him asleep & found out for myself…

  • Ginko, Bilberry, Eyebright, and Feverfew internally.

    eyewashes: Parsely, Chamomile, or Eyebright tea.

    Also make he might try relaxing techniques and various herbal teas to make sure he doesn’t put extra tension on them like I do. Chamomile,Passionflower,Licorice,Rose,Lavender,Cardamom, and Jasmine are what comes to mind. But Vanilla works well too. Most of those are good because they are aromatic/aromatherapy while they steep.

  • have_mersey: do you mean you make an eyewash out of diluted tea? is regular filtered water okay to use?

  • I’m sure regular filtered water would be fine. But yes diluted herbal tea. :) The parsley etc. for the eyewashes, and the others to help him relax. I didn’t know if I made that clear, I do have a way of rambling confusingly (I reminded myself of that tonight). The parsley always feels really good, I suppose due to the chlorophyll.

    Feverfew and ginko help tone blood vessels in the brain and eyes. Eyebright and bilberry are for all around eye-function .

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