hormonal acne is the pits


Alright, so I’ve probably read every acne discussion on this forum desperate to find that miracle product that will ease my breakouts. And I can probably ramble off any number of suggested things to try, but I was hoping that someone could think of something that I haven’t tried (any and all suggestions are more than appreciated).

My main problem is that I generally break out a lot during my period (ain’t periods grand). Right now my face is a complete mess and feels irritated, particularly around my chin. I even have cysts right now which is rather frustrating since I haven’t had them for awhile (and I mess with them which I know isn’t good).

I use coconut oil, witch hazel, been drinking lots of green smoothies,msm, aloe vera. Tried tea trea oil, kombucha, gently scrubbing my face, even urine (yes I am willing to try anything). Watercress, radish, olives, cucumber… Been 75-80% raw?

Are there any herbs to help with hormonal acne, foods, snake oils? I am willing to be any ones guinea pig if it will just clear up my crummy skin.

Perhaps I should just try the master cleanse?

Again I appreciate any advice.


  • i hear you, satchy! just when i think i’m ahead those pimples get me again!! the only way and time they subsided was during my 100% raw month. so, i’m going back to that today, 100% raw- i’m my own little guinea pig! coconut oil is the only thing- besides some light makeup (with very clean brushes) that i put on my face. good luck to us! anyone else have ideas?

  • roxiroxi Raw Newbie

    Hey! I feel your pain. I too use coconut oil to take off my mineral make-up. I also have recently purchase some tea tree/lavender oil mix. It is really helping. This is my routine:

    Wake-up and gently splash face with lukewarm water. Eat my green smoothie and take my msm pill.

    Put on some light make-up or none (depending on occasion, day or week, etc.)

    At lunch I will either eat some fruit or another green smoothie and take another msm pill.

    After work, afternoon or sometime around 5:30/6:00 I jump into the shower and put my face directly under the water. I then get out, slather on a heaping mound of coconut oil and softly rub it in. I focus mainly on my eyes as it takes mascara and such off really well. I then rinse, rinse, rinse. When I get out, I use the towel to wipe any residue left. My skin is then very soft and velvety. Very baby like. Next, I put the tea tree/lavender oil on my spots. If I don’t have any plans that night I will do one of a few things. Sit directly in the sun for about an hour. (Of course I can only do this if the sun is out) Go for a run with my hubby or go to the gym and then sit in the sauna. If from these things I get really sweaty, I will come home, rinse in the shower and then apply some more tea tree/lavender oil.

    So far this has really been helping.

    I have also gotten a few colonics and have been consistently 90 to 95% raw. I also try not to think about my skin. I visualize I have beautiful skin like I had in high school. My husband also supports me by always telling me my face looks better or it doesn’t look as red or those spots are going away, etc. You get the idea. I think by maintaining a positive attitude, that I will be clear in no time.

    One last thing, don’t pop, don’t pop, don’t pop those zits!! I think this is probably the most difficult thing NOT to do, BUT the spots will be less visible if left alone and will heal so much more quickly! The only exception to this, is if the pus is pretty much sitting on top of the skin. Then I will usually take care of it.

    I hope this has helped you and anyone else reading this.

  • roxiroxi Raw Newbie

    Oh, I forgot to mention I have been drinking at least 3 cups of nettle tea a day. Sometimes 2 cups. It is very high in vitamins A and C. And since I think my problem is partly due to too much oil, the vit A should help.

  • Thank you heartshapedsky and roxi for your responses. The support and suggestions are really great. The nettle tea and tea tree/lavender oil mix sound good. I will have to try them to banish these suckers. I think I was just stressing out a little too. PMS + Exams= Blech! But venting and having such helpful people respond definitely alleviates the situation. :)

  • roxiroxi Raw Newbie

    I had an apifamy last night. After replying to your post I was sitting outside in the sun and was thinking about my days when I had clear skin. It occured to me that I was doing a number of things that I do not currently do, or do as regularly as I did.

    When I was in high school, I was on the track team, on the cheerleading squad and on a dance team. I was VERY active and constantly outside breaking a sweat. I also didn’t pay much attention to my face, unless I was putting make-up on (which I did every single day) or washing the make-up off at night. I also eat pretty healthy (at least as healthy as I thought the term definition meant, now I know better, hehe). But I did occationally binge on alcohol and smoke (this was normally on the weekends).

    So, I think the key here is that I exercised ALOT, constantly sweated, and didn’t pay attention to any spots that may have came up. In essence, I was happy and felt good and pretty! ;)

    Therefore, I think if we focus on eating raw, exercising and having fun and stop focusing on the detox or other health issues we have, they should hopefully take care of themselves over time.

    Hope this will give you some encouragement to try this with me. My plan is to stop looking at my face in the mirror, unless it is to put make-up on. Even then, I will try to make it a quick and painless process! Ah, wish me luck :)

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