anyone in Australia - Brisvegas???

Hi, I’m just learning…veggie for a long time, but looking to make a change. Anyone local (Brisbane)? James


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I was born in Australia, but I’m not living in Oz at the moment. Since I have gone raw I keep thinking that Australia is the perfect country to be raw in, all the fruit, sunshine, outdoor lifestyle etc etc,... anyway I have been on this Australian website which is pretty good:

  • Unfortunately I don’t live there, but absolutely loved Brisbane when I visited (except for those giant spiders…). How lucky to live in such a beautiful place (and as zoe mentionned, all that great fruit). If I wasn’t so far away (Canada) it would be my second home. 13 hour flights just don’t do it for me…lol

  • Hi Zoe & Daisygirl, Thanks for the replies…this is such a good site…very friendly, and a huge source of info. Australia is great for the food…hopefuly will make it much easier to go the whole way. I’ve been veggie for almost 20 years (a little fish on the way). Been trying to be vegan for the past few months, and came accross this site. Never really considered raw before, but really interests me. My biggest concern is weight loss! Always been very slim, and can’t afford to loose any more…any ideas? There’s heaps of info on weight loss, but nothing for those of us that need to be on the ‘biggest gainer!’ J

  • Hi jimbob, just on your comment that you’d like to keep your weight or gain more… I reckon having good oil with your raw food does wonders – maybe not directly gaining weight but certainly giving a lot of good energy:-) Every morning before breakfast (half an hour or so) I take 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. With my lunch and dinner salads i usually manage to have some virgin olive oil or coconut oil, often mixed with lemon or orange juice, I actually love the taste now… best of luck B

  • Actually oils are not a very good food. Not sure if you have read other threads, especially ones related to the 811 diet. Anyway – the best way to be healthy and raw is to limit fat intake. That doesn’t mean to be skinny though, you just need to exercise enough so that your appetite is big and you eat lots and lots of healthy low fat sweet fruit and little high fat foods.

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