Take up your percentage?

I know that we are all at different levels and places. So I thought that I would send out a challenge where you decide what you want to do. If you are 5o% RAW - try taking it up to 60%; if you are 60 – take it up to 70 for two weeks. The reason I say two is because after 2 weeks. We will evaluate where we are and then take it up another notch. Everyone at different levels doing what’s best for them. Hey, since it’s 2 weeks, after the first week, feel free to take it up another notch. What I ask is that you report what you are eating, how you feel, and if/where you are struggling. I know this is short notice. I’ve been eating about 50% Raw. So I’m going to try and go 70%. For me that means – Raw breakfast, Raw lunch, snack maybe non-raw and dinner will be vegan (although if i feel I can do more I will). I will report my percentage for that day. WHEW!

So what say you? If I do not get a response in two days – I will delete the post (I feel like we waste space when posts are being utilized – if that’s possible in cyberspace – ok time to stop).


  • I will take that challenge. I do really well throughout the day but tend to fall off the wagon when I get home after work. So, my percentage is going up to 100% if I can manage the evenings. Two weeks? I can do it.

    Thanks for the invite. My plan is to start tomorrow.

  • This is a good challenge:) I want to do at least 90% RAW-I have to start next week because I am doing the Master Cleanse at this time. But I have my recipes ready to go!


  • And 2 makes three and that’s all you need for a party! I want to do 80% Raw for a week and then take it up to 90% the second week. I will try to keep it at 90% for 2 weeks and then try the 100% Raw for a week or maybe 2.

    4/21 – This morning I had grapes and a banana; Snack – Almonds, Green smoothie for lunch (spinach, banana, 2 apples, strawberries, and flax, and a lemon wedge) and that was fabulous. I think the lemon really set it off.

  • Day one – so far, so good. I was up early – worked out – had a green smoothie (spinach, banana, cacao nibs, black sesame seeds, maca powder and dates)- went to work. I am a grazer throughout the day so all together while at work I had an orange, an apple, mixed strawberries/raspberries/blackberries/blueberries, carrot sticks, celery sticks (with goddess dressing to dip), salad made of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, EVOO and balsamic vinegar (just realized that isn’t raw – sigh). Now that I am home, I just had a green smoothie (same as above – it’s my favorite). I will likely need something small in a little while – I have some beautiful pineapple so that will probably finish off the day.

    EnjoyRaw, I like the sound of your smoothie. I may try that tomorrow just to mix things up a bit.

    Hey Rawcakes – how’s it going so far?

  • I am up for this. I am about 50% raw, maybe 60% so I will up to 70%

  • Welcome nycgrrl. Good luck.

  • thanks karuna! i am such a newbie so i will probably be asking for lots of advice!!

  • Had to give in to some peanut butter and crackers – just couldn’t say no. Other than that, had a fairly successful day. Day 2 – plan is similar to yesterday. I am going to try a smoothie, a banana and an avocado for dinner when I get home – see if the extra calories/fat content will help with the evening cravings.

    Any other helpful hints would be appreciated. :)

  • had my greeen lemonade for breakfast. then i had 2 apples and 2 bananas with a smidge of grade b maple syrup.

    midday snack-ak-mak crackers, raw tahini and raw apple walnut passover dish my husband made.

    lara bar, handful of almonds, 3 apples.

    going to have avocado tonight with carrot-raisin salad and something else.

    to be frank, this is my first real raw day, and it feels….odd. Up til 5 i was feeling great. Now i am feeling a bit weak, foggy headed.


  • Day 2 – same as Day 1 without the peanut butter and crackers. So far, so good – it’s nearly 7:00 so I think I might make it. I am all prepared with the avocado, tomatoes and bananas if things get tense later on. :)

  • I started the day thinking that I needed to do a cleanse, but by mid-day said no and had a green smoothie from my wonderful co-op called the Green Dream, banana, grapes and ended the day with B. wings (very bad habit I’m trying to break and a some coffee cake). Tomorrows a new day. I have to take it day by day – second, by second.

  • Day 3: Green Lemonade, grapefruit and banana for breakfast Lunch:green salad with pine nuts, lara bar, 2 cups strawberries Dinner:?

  • how are people calculating percentage?

    I used to guesstimate my percentage at 70% till I actually sat down and did the math (it was actually between 50-60%), based on percentage of calories eaten raw. (which incentivized me to try 99%, which I’m doing now.)

    just curious, because I can imagine others might be using volume, or weight, or number of meals..

  • I do number of meals

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