Using Internet Explorer 6? Having trouble?

I seldom use Internet Explorer 6 myself, mainly because I use a Mac. But I do test Gone Raw on it occasionally, and sometimes I stumble across things that don’t look right. For instance, I’ve noticed that the text in some of the comments after the recipes seems to disappear! Has anyone else noticed this? Any other weird problems using Internet Explorer 6?

By the way, if you are still using IE6, we highly recommend you give Firefox a try!!


  • I use Ubuntu (linux) and Firefox and it works just fine!!!


    They are both free under the GPL (license) and support the cause that people should not have to pay for an operating system,

    and this really helps the poorer countries and children. They are free projects, worked on globally , bringing people all over

    the world together, for FREEDOM.

    Please use linux, firefox, thunderbird, deluge, openoffice, etc, and help create freedom for the world.


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