EJUVA Intestional Cleanse- Has anyone undergone??


I have had no luck thus far at nearly a year being raw with my digestion- detoxification not working at all optimally. Even oxy-mag and herbs were constipating me, colonics worked beautifully but the days after- my bowels would not move. I was advised to look into doing an intestional cleanse- having undergone a series of liver/gallbladder flushes already. At first I told myself I would do a juice feast- but time/stress and other factors pushed me in another direction. I was wondering if anyone has tried such a cleanse and your experience with such- if it was able to clean out the small intestine and not just the colon. And if there were any adverse reactions.


  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    Do you stick to food combining rules? Have you ever done a colon cleanse?

  • I do my best to properly food combine- but it can be difficult if I’m not preparing the dish and separating time from meals. In the past year- I have undergone 20+ colonics- which at various points I was doing once a week. I have also done a series of liver/gallbladder flushes, oxy-mag (which stopped working and had to get a colonic to rescue me). Cascara Sagrada- seemed to be the only thing to move me for a short while.

  • I was very iffy on trying laxative teas, but I decided to try them in combination with a few days of 100% raw, master cleanse style with one each night and morning. I was afraid of the effects of the tea causing my body to not work on its own accord afterwards, but instead, after the first two days, the teas had milder effects, and when I stopped, I was as regular as a metamucil commercial. I do this, sometimes combined with green smoothies only each time I feel the need to cleanse what may be left over from a period of not-so-raw eating (aka now that exams and using sugar and caffeine to fuel my study sessions)

  • Haven’t tried Ejuva, but it looks interesting. I’ve done the colon cleanse from Blessed Herbs and that got results. Also, Bikram yoga will really help because you do a lot of twisting and some of the postures increase blood flow to your intestines. Maybe you’re just dehydrated?

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences Nicci- good to know that you did well with the laxative teas.

    Raw Chocoholic- I’ve actually been wanting to try out Bikram Yoga- and I learned that a study opened up not far from where I just moved to in nyc. You mentioned perhaps I’m dehydrated- does the heat with the bikram have a negative effect on you ever- where you have to work extra to catch up on rehydrating? Just curious. I hadnt heard of the blessed herbs cleanse- looks similiar to Ejuva except that they formulate theirs with the controversial bentonite clay.

  • I found the heat difficult to deal with the first day, but it gets easier very quickly. One of my instructors said that it actually helps rehydrate your body – provided you drink enough water. I’d say just go and try it out for a week and see if it helps. It certainly won’t hurt.

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    get rid of nuts. Huge amounts of fruit. Pineapple works great for me. Do enemas if your constipated my mother does those occasionally. Drink lots of juices and stay away from solid food (except fruit). Just do a fruit clense. Eat lots of chlorella. Sun Chlorella is the best brand I think. Garden of Life Primal Defense, Perfect Food, Mega-Zyme, these specific supplements are awesome. Good luck.

  • Raw Chocoholic-

    One of the colon hydrotherapists in nyc that organizes all these raw events also recommended blessed herbs formula and she preferred it to ejuva. So all last week I did the colon cleanse all last week and was amazed to see all this mucoid plaque coming out of me. My skin has already improved. I think me indulging in a little bit of durian and coconut the first post day was not such a good idea as I get bloated again. Nevertheless, I am eager to go forth with further cleansing and I recommend blessed herbs kit to everyone. Very easy to impliment.
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    thanks for your blessed herbs recommendation. I’ve considered it for a long time, but it’s pretty expensive, so I wasn’t sure it was worth it.

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