Sudden problems w/wearing contact lenses


Hey everyone, I hope to get some advice on this. I’m going to the eyedoctor tomorrow, but the past three days or so, EVERY PAIR of contacts that I wear feels like they don’t fit my eye, like they don’t stick to it or something and they poke and hurt me!

I’ve been a lense wearer for over a decade, the same type of lenses, and it disturbs me that all of a sudden I cannot wear my lenses without discomfort. It’s either I’m getting “too raw” for contacts, the contacts are dysfunctional, or I have allergies? I have never had a problem with allergies in the past but I am not discounting this. My eyes do feel itchy, even with the lenses out, but I don’t know…

I’m just bummed because I can’t even wear my lenses right now, I can’t function without them, and I have a NYC trip this weekend, so I gotta get to the bottom of this.

Any idea of what’s going on? Is it possible for my eye to change shape through RAW? Could I be detoxing?

I hope I can get into the doctor tomorrow, as without my contacts, I’m useless.


  • Hmm, it sounds to me like you might have mild eye infection of some kind. I’ve had similar scratchy, itchy eyes twice in the 18+ years I’ve worn contacts and much as I hate allopathic medicine, the anti-bacterial eye drops I was prescribed were very helpful. I also wore my glasses for a while until my eyes settled down again – not cool, I know.

    Hope your eyes feel better soon!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    thank you…I’m really useless when I don’t have my eyes working. Brings my mood down when I can’t do anything with myself.

    I do have some white goop coming out of my eyes every once in awhile…an eye infection sounds somewhat likely. Maybe I can get some anti-bacterial stuff tomorrow.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    My eyelids kinda hurt/are itchy when I touch them too.

  • it could be an infection or the start of allergy season. being 100% raw could make you more sensitive to environmental allergens. i know how you feel about being useless. i finally sucked it up and got some beautiful, comfortable, outrageously expensive (i’m very very blind) glasses so i wasn’t always scared to death of an eye infection or something like that. i love them, but i still feel like i haven’t quite woken up without my lenses in after 15 years of wear.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    MOTH-this happened to me. my eyes just got way too dry at some point (in my mid twenties) and for the past few years, glasses only. (unrelated to going raw, it just happened). an eye dr. could test how dry your eyes are.

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