Raw Nuts

Hi everyone… I am new to raw, live in Panama, and have a very very hard time finding raw food other than fresh produce. Does anyone know if unshelled or inshell nuts are all raw? For example, the bags of nuts that you find in a regular supermarket… are they raw?



  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hia you might find this page of my website handy: http://purelyraw.com/deadfoodlist.htm

    Generally speaking, shelled walnuts, pine nuts and hazelnuts are raw even when sold in regular supermarkets.

    Brazils, pecans and macadamias are heated during shelling. Buy them in shell and they will be raw. And you’ll grow some lovely muscles by shelling them, bonus!!

    Cashews can be got raw but you have to pay a premuim at a raw food website or store to get them, even then some people have bad reaction to them which is not surprising seeing as they grow inside a toxic liquid…

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