advice needed, thanks a lot!

A bit too long, thanks for your patience:) 1, A lot of people indicate a significant loss in weight, but in my case, I have lost merely around 8 pounds, and stay around 118lb all these days. I guess it is probably because I should eat less. Also, I have a constant craving for rich or sweet things: almonds, avocados, bananas, honey, when i come back from school getting ready for bed. I try to control it, but a lot of times, I fail. The result is that I eat almost half a cup of almonds, or 5 bananas, or 3 medium avocados or 5 tablespoons of honey, satisfied or even sick of the food, and go to bed with a full stomach. I was trying to achieve a weight of 100lb, for a height of 5’2.5”. My complexion is decidedly better than before, but not the expected pink softness for young ladies of my age. I still have some pimples coming out now and then, though much less than before. Now I am at a loss how I could achieve these health goals unless the cravings are eradicated. Do you have any suggestions?

2, I have been suffering from acid reflux unconciously ever since my undergrad years, around 7 years ago, and it was not until early this year that I self-diagnosed it. I have been trying to cure it using the raw diet. It helps, but I am not cured: My symptons are much less severe, but I still reflux after eating. I was thinking about living on juice for 2 months to see if it works, but I went back to normal raw within 4 days. I must study and do research every day, which I guess demands much more energy than juicing provides. I was looking for experience from raw people also in the academia and research line, and eager to know whether it is possible to adapt and how. I really wish I could cure it by myself in a natural way.

3, I have been buying regular produce, raw but not organic. Does that make big difference from all organic?


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    Hi yydallas. My first impression after reading about your cravings is that maybe you should incorporate some green smoothies into your diet to help eliminate or at least lesson your cravings. Maybe Kale with banana and some dates? There are many green smoothie recipes on this site that are all delicious. As far as the acid reflux, how long have you been eating raw? It can take a while for your body to detox and start to heal itself sometimes as long as 6 months to a year, depending on if you are 100% raw or not (check deadfood list to make sure what you are eating is really raw). I wish I could help you with the organic thing, but I am not sure how much of a difference it is. I can’t afford to buy all raw, so I go by the list posted on this site in one of the forums about the foods that you should most defintely buy organic and just stick to those, unless something is on sale.

  • hi, spiritedmama, thank you:) I guess there does exist a lack of leafy greens in my diet ( in fact I tried incorporating them in my smoothies before, but went back to all-fruit smoothie because the taste is disagreeable to me) I will try to adapt to the taste, for the sake of health. The only thing in my foods I am not sure whether is raw, is warm tea. I drink tea for the purpose of antioxidants, also, I often feel so cold that I drink warm tea or warm water to help.

    Let me share a typical day of my eating: 6:00am honey cider water 2cups ( 1 Tbsp honey, 2 tsp apple cider vinegar, purified water) 7:00am fruit smoothies or whole fruits ( apples, bananas, pears, kiwis, papaya…..) 7:00am-11:00am I will drink tea, warm water 11:00am soaked nuts, vegetable salad or vegetable soup( blended veggies,water,with avocado or soaked nuts, or cold pressed olive oil)

    5:00pm juice( carrot or celery or apple juice, sometimes with ginger juiced together) fruit smoothie

    As I said before, I can not help eating before bed when cravings come, which adds an extra meal to the above. I had tried to eat veggies instead of fruit smoothie for my dinner at 5pm, however, I feel very uncomfortable without fruits, especially bananas. I guess I have extremely sweet teeth:(

    I am open to your suggestions:)

  • Im so glad you posted, i was just about to ask the same thing, except i have a problem when it comes down to crunch time. Like during final exam week i am constantly going for peanut butter, chocolate, and even go to extreme COOKED cake..then i feel bad and sick, my body doesnt want it and i know it. So i end up worrying more about how unhealthy i had been that day than my exam. Thank god my last exam is in the morning so i can detox and start over again..any advice on energy boosts for crunch times

  • Hi there,

    To lose weight you should try cutting out the fats (oils, nuts, seeds, avocados, durian, coconut) in your diet and focus on fruit and greens. This will probably greatly improve your acid reflux as well.



  • thanks Chilove, you are quite right, and I definitely must make plans to work on that. Allnatural, glad to hear that you are also a student, and we share some common concerns. For me, peanut butter, chocolate or cooked things have no attraction. However, I have similar condition for bananas and honey. and therefore, in so called crunch times, I drink some honey water, or eat as many as 3 bananas, which works quite well. Hope it works for you too:)

  • If you have acid reflux, you probably want to stop drinking your morning water, avc, honey drink as that is too acidic. One of my favorite smoothies is made using dark leafy greens, any variety will do (kale, swiss chard, spinach, rocket), banana, a date or two according to tast and some water (or fresh squeezed OJ) and ice. You can add other fruits if you wish. I like to add fruits that are in season. Right now berries are all very good! I also like to add 1tsp of Spirulina, I get the Earth Rise brand (, you can also get it at Whole Foods and similar Health Food Stores). I find spirulina keeps me very regular and since it is packed with protien, my craving for nuts has greatly decreased.

    *I also use organic, cold-pressed olive oil in my smoothies. It gives it a rich texture and it is VERY GOOD for you! I consume anywhere from 2-6 tsp/day and I have been steadily loosing weight! Not all fats are bad for you!!

    Green leafy vegetables will help to create a more basic environment in your stomach and therefore help with the acid reflux. All the fruit you are eating is facilitating the acid environment in your stomach. If you use banana in your green smoothies you won’t taste the greens at all!

    Oraganic is always good to buy and better yet, buy from your local farm/farmer’s market.

    How long have you been raw? It might take awhile for you to notice results. Pimples are probably a sign that your body is detoxing. Be patient!! Changes don’t happen over night, although they do happen quickly! :) I would also google some info on ayurvedic health. Find out your body type and what kinds of foods will work best for your digestive system.

    I hope this helps! Just be patient and your new body will unfold and reveal itself. Good Luck!


  • To lose weight you need to consume less fats. Why do you use apple cider vinegar? That is a very toxic food. It is probably contributing to your acid reflux. Eating 3 – 5 bananas is not a problem but a good thing. I eat as many as 15 bananas a day. Just be sure to only eat ripe ones with some brown or black specks on them. If you crave sweet fruits then you will love to eat the 811 diet. It is composed of mostly fruits and a lot of soft greens like spinach and lettuce. You might want to look into it.

  • Hi, Lindaintheraw, and Socal, really appreciate your patience in sharing your experiences and information. I can not wait to try them out right away! I wish I could be as knowledgeable and helpful as you guys. I felt so very obliged to everyone’s kindhearted advice and encouragement. I have been raw for 2 months now, and I am sure I will stick to it for good, with so many nice buddies here. People are simply so positive and ready to help:)

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    Hi yydallas,

    Hope things are going well for you! I just wanted to mention an alternative view on acid reflux. In my case, acid reflux was caused by too little stomach acid, not too much. So acidic foods (lemon juice, apple cider vinegar) actually helped get my acid reflux under control. Digestive enzymes helped me a lot, too. I took enzymes with meals for six weeks and that helped immensely. Since I stopped taking them, I’ve had no more problems. I don’t know if that would be helpful to you (there are several possible causes of acid reflux, so yours may be of a different variety than mine), but if none of the other solutions work, you might consider giving digestive enzymes a try.

    If you can, you might also give mono-meals a try for a while. That might help you to isolate the foods that are causing you problems and those that are making you feel the best. Many foods that are great for some are not so good for others. For instance, though I love the way they taste, bananas make me feel awful! The only way I was able to figure that out was by eating them by themselves. Hopefully you’ll be able to identify which foods work best for you so that you can focus on them in your diet.

    Anyhow, these are just my personal experiences, but I hope this helps you some :)

  • really appreciate your sharing, jenny, especially about the acid reflux. I reckon my case is similar to yours, because apple cider vinegar helps me too. Only, I have not tried digestive enzymes yet. I am going to buy some now, is there a preference on the brand? Can I just buy a generic brand from walmart? I figured bananas was not good for me too(so are nuts),but did not take it serious. Maybe I should give them up for a while to see what happens. It is going to be tough, coz I begin to feel out of spirits if I do not have bananas for up to 3 days:( But, I will try for my benefit. What kind of mono-meals do you recommend? Have you tried any specific fruit for that?

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