b-12 & insomnia question

I have been suffering from terrible insomnia for years. Well, I fall asleep right away (within a few minutes) ..but I wake every few hours. Until I started taking melatonin I would sometimes be wide awake for hours in the middle of the night. Even with the melatonin I still wake but it helps get me back to sleep. I was reading that insomnia is sometimes caused by a vitamin deficiency. I’m wondering if I need to up my b-12?? I just started taking spirulina just a few days ago & I just read that sometimes spirulina interfers with b-12 from other foods? ugh. I’m so confused! I just want to sleep~! since going raw I can handle the insomnia better throughout the day ..( i used to feel sick during the day ) but the insomnia itself has actually gotten worse since raw! I even gave up coffee & my insomnia is worsening..:( help!

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