Getting hungier by the day

I’ve been raw since April 17 (just a few weeks!). My first week, I was eating more food: salads, dehydrated breads (small pieces), sweets, fruit, crackers, snacks, smoothies, nuts, etc.

The second week, my appetite decreased and I was satisfied on a couple of green smoothies, a fruit smoothie with almond milk, small handful of nuts, 1 avocado, fruit, and just a few tiny snacks and a salad a day.

Now starting yesterday, its back up again. I had green smoothies, multiple pieces of fruit, avocado, 10 pecans, 1 Thai coconut, two large salads (one sprouts).

Today, I had a green smoothie (celery, romaine blueberries), some dehydrated eggplant, a few pecans, 1/2 cantaloupe, fenugreek sprout salad with 3 sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil blended with 1 tbs of EVOO, sand I felt like I had NOTHING. My stomach feels completely empty.

Is this normal? I feel like I should eat, but my mind is telling me no. I have this fear of overeating and gaining weight (though I’ve been losing). Is this hunger telling me I’m missing something from my diet?


  • i don’t know why this happens but it happens to me too. Some days I’ll be starving and my stomach will always be growling no matter what I eat and other days I will eat practically nothing and not be hungry at all. My feeling is that is depends on what you ate last those days before you are not hungry – like if it was something heavy and takes longer to digest so you still feel full and not hungry for a while. Just a theory – have no idea if that is it. If anyone knows the reason, please post it.

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    I believe at 2 weeks ‘Raw’ there is no such thing as normal. My detox period lasted at least 5 months. Everything was a roller coaster during that time. Energy, emotions, appetite. They were all subject to swings. I had understood this to be the case before I started so it was no surprise to me. I felt great [better than before] most of the time and that was good enough for me.

    I know what you mean about ‘fear of overeating and gaining weight’. I was 27 stone [363 pounds] a few years ago. I find even now that if I start thinking like I used to [full of fear] I can gain 15 pounds in 48 hours. Even if I am juice fasting at the time. ‘Raw’ works best for me when I use my mind only to decide ‘Raw/Not Raw’ and leave the rest up to my body.

    Many people go ‘Raw’ with this ‘everything raw is ok’ & ‘eat all the raw food I want’ type of plan. It works for a lot of folks. Most also find that in time their system gains balance and they find their diet getting more simple. This was my exact experience.

    I think it’s unfrotunate that there are so many ‘guidelines’ and ‘good raw/bad raw’ information out there now. To me this only fills people with doubt and worry. I had the luxury of not reading all this stuff during my begining, and I am thankful for it.

    I believe in the ‘Placebo’ effect of our mind and I think that believing in ‘Raw’ without doubts is a large part of my success. I have not found 1 set of guidelines that works for everyone, so to me they are useless.

    I see plenty of success out their with people just keeping this simple. I believe you can overthink this stuff very easily. Especially at first, simple is best. I feel sorry for those who concentrate on percentages and daily weigh ins.

    I say to you barose. You’ve just started, Eat for pleasure at first. Find something else to worry about and examine in detail for a few months. Most of us have wasted a good part of our lives thinking about our diet.

    Celebrate ‘Raw’ foods. It’s what nature intended! Believe in ‘Raw’, It does make sense you know.

    Lots of Love & Support from me to you!


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Well said Chris. I think I have said something like this in the past on another string, but may not have articulated it as well. I have just weighed myself because I had to buy a new size of pants, and I was curious. I am now down another 10 pounds. I have never worried about food combining, low fat/high fat, etc. My focus has always been just staying raw. That is all I focus on. I find recipes that I enjoy making and enjoy eating. I have notice that within the last 2 weeks, my body has made a big shift to a much simple-er way of eating. I am not making so many recipes, and have just been eating simple fruits and veggies for the most part. This was not a conscious shift, it just happened. Like I keep saying….trust and patience is the key to success in a raw lifestyle.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    Well said Chris. Good advice.

  • Thanks everyone – good advice!

    Chris, I so wish I haven’t read so many guidelines myself in the beginning. It’s hard to read about people who eat a few pieces of fruit and a smoothies a day, cut, cut, cut everything else and feel satisfied.

    I realize I feel great eating a whole Thai coconut, a smoothie with raw cocoa, or a few goji berries. Sometimes I feel like I’m going against a scared raw covenant because I eat a variety of foods and I’m not simple enough.

    I’m really enjoying myself raw now and I want to stay that way. I have to print up your responses (Chris and Spritedmama) because I do have to remember, that its only been two weeks, I’m OK as long as I stay raw, my body will continue to adjust for months, if not years and that I am pretty disciplined as it is: I make sure I don’t eat a lot of nuts or avocados, but I wonder if I actually need more fat—at least for now.

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